Cannabis tourism receives a positive response from surveyed travelers


Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

The cannabis tourism industry may have been put on the back burner since the coronavirus pandemic kicked off at the start of 2020, but a recent survey suggests that there is plenty of room for growth.

Conducted by the leading source for travel and tourism-related statistics, MMGY Travel Intelligence, the report – “Cannabis Tourism: Opportunities, Issues and Strategies” –  focused on the views of 1,500 leisure travelers in the United States and their views on cannabis tourism.

What the analysts discovered was that 66 percent of this group felt positive about recreational cannabis legalization and the touristic appeal of this evolving market, which has currently spread across 11 states and Washington D.C.

“Cannabis tourism is still in its infancy but has the potential to grow exponentially over the next few years,” said the Executive Vice President of MMGY, Chris Davidson. “This study goes a long way in giving the industry actionable data to refine marketing strategies and develop new cannabis tourism offerings.”

Key takeaways from MMGY survey on cannabis tourism 

Why do people embark on a 420-focused trip? This was a question that the MMGY team sought the answer to when they conducted their survey on cannabis tourism. What they gleaned was an overwhelming mixture of motivations that prompted a weed-inspired adventure, such as the desire to visit a dispensary, enjoy cannabis in a safe and controlled setting, try a CBD or THC-infused edible or drink, or indulge in a CBD product inside a spa setting.

Something else that the researchers pulled from the survey on cannabis tourism was the label that adult-use cannabis consumers associated themselves with when traveling to a 420-friendly destination. Some of the most popular responses were “foodie”, “music aficionado”, “outdoor adventurer” or “beach bum”.

“Intelligence about the cannabis-motivated travel audience will support the normalization of this growing, multifaceted trend,” Enlightn Strategies President Brian Applegarth said, adding that the team’s “groundbreaking research” presents an opportunity for cannabis-friendly destinations to set themselves apart and bolster revenue.

Cannabis tourism study reflected on safety of legal market 

People who visit cannabis-friendly locations consider the recreational market to be relatively safe, according to the MMGY team. Not everybody shared this view, however, with 54 percent of vacationers still feeling slightly perplexed about adult-use laws when journeying to a “green” destination.

Most of the confusion appeared to stem from people’s lack of knowledge on the exact establishments/places where they can legally possess and consume the plant; in legal states. More than half of the survey’s respondents – 54 percent – were concerned that they may risk being arrested for using cannabis in states that have passed recreational laws.

More insights into the cannabis tourism industry can be viewed in the full Cannabis Tourism: Opportunities, Issues and Strategies report. Click here to purchase it or to inquire about a customized report, from MMGY.