Medical cannabis potency testing to expand in Colorado


Sara Tiradossi

Colorado’s Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division has recently announced its plan to expand medical cannabis potency testing beginning next month.

The department considered the testing to be a “matter of public health and safety.”

Manufacturers of medical cannabis infused products and cultivation operations will be required to go through a potency test on every production batch of medical cannabis concentrate, conducted by an approved testing facility.

To contribute to the health and safety of the public, there will be new potency labeling requirements in addition to the testing.

Starting Oct. 1, Colorado has implemented new rules to help people identify more accurately cannabis products and keep them away from children’s reach. Iowa has also taken a step forward by banning products bearing a “reasonable” resemblance to candy, fruits, animals or human characters.

“Marijuana products in shape and branding should not be enticing to children and we want consumers to be educated about the potency of the products they are buying, these rules ensure that to be the case,” Mike Hartman, Colorado Department of Revenue Executive Director, said.