Demand soars 76 percent for cannabis jobs, which pay 11 percent more than median U.S. salary

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Demand soars 76 percent for cannabis jobs, which pay 11 percent more than median U.S. salary

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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Looking for a cannabis job? Then you’re in luck, because cannabis job postings climbed 76 percent between December 2017 and December 2018.

In fact, according to Glassdoor, 1,512 roles were posted on the job listing website in December of last year alone. This is a major increase from 2017 when the figure was 858.

Glassdoor has been monitoring cannabis job trends over the last few years, with noticeable changes occurring as states lift restrictions on the plant.

“Investment in hiring is one of the strongest indicators for business confidence as it requires a substantial long-term investment of time, effort and money,” wrote Daniel Zhao on Glassdoor’s blog. He assumes the role of economist and data scientist for the company.

Cannabis job opportunities are diverse

“As the cannabis industry becomes more legitimate, more and more professional roles will be in demand to help businesses comply with tax laws and regulations and scale into larger markets,” Zhao added.

Anyone who bags themselves a cannabis job can’t really complain about the pay packet, either.  The wage is approximately 11 percent higher than the U.S. median salary, which rests at around $52,863. This is based on data gleaned from Glassdoor’s December 2018 Local Pay Report.

So, what are employers seeking? The vast majority of available cannabis job openings seem to be in the retail or customer service sector. Sales associates, brand ambassadors, influencers – you name it, the industry has an option for anyone who possesses the correct set of marketing and communication skills.

Service and retail cannabis jobs account for approximately five percent of weed-related job listings, while 53 percent of cannabis jobs are being offered to expert technical workers. These kinds of cannabis job roles include marketing managers, product managers, and audit assurance managers.

According to Glassdoor, 13 percent of all cannabis job listings can be found in San Francisco, with a further 12 percent being found in the Los Angeles area and seven percent of jobs scattered across Denver.

Also included in the top five places to find jobs in the legal weed industry are New York City and Seattle; both cities offer four percent of all open cannabis jobs, most of which tend to be small to medium-size businesses with fewer than 500 employees.

Companies in the cannabis space searching for all kinds of talent

A total of 67 spaces need filling at Green Thumb Industries, which Glassdoor describes as a “vertically-integrated business that cultivates, processes and sells cannabis-related products directly.”

An additional 58 cannabis job openings are available at Surterra Wellness, 31 at MedMen and 31 at Vireo Health. Cannabis delivery service Eaze is seeking out 43 drivers. Then there’s Weedmaps, which is presenting pot enthusiasts with the opportunity to apply for 29 open cannabis jobs.

A professional services firm known as MGO is hoping to fill 41 positions, and individuals with experience in regulatory and compliance are encouraged to apply for 22 roles in the State of Washington, according to Glassdoor.