Cannabis companies are taking a keen interest in wellness trends

The CEO and president of Alternative Hospitality Inc., Roger Bloss, has gone a step further by developing a portfolio of cannabis-inspired hotels for the health and wellness industries

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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The cannabis wellness industry is booming, with the latest entry into the market coming from Canopy Growth. On Wednesday, May 22, the Canadian cannabis company announced its plans to purchase London-based skincare company This Works for $55.2 million.

Canopy’s decision to include cannabis sleep and beauty products in its ever-expanding portfolio is just one of a number of bold forays into the weed-wellness segment of the burgeoning industry.

According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), wellness tourism is on track to top $919 billion by the year 2022. Cannabis industry leaders are capitalizing on the wellness market, which is expanding almost twice the rate of the global economy.

Infusing weed into smoothies, capsules, supplements, and skin care products are just some examples of the ways in which pot and wellness are being intertwined to captivate a big-spending consumer demographic.

Pro-pot celebrities and ‘cannapreneurs’ are riding the cannabis wellness wave

From precision-dosed sleep aids and pain relievers to libido-boosting concoctions that could also enhance workouts and recovery, the cannabis wellness options are endless. With so many ways to personalize products, it’s not surprising that celebrities are cashing in on the trend, too.

Boxing champion Mike Tyson has made his mark on the cannabis wellness industry, with the 53-year-old former heavyweight launching his very own company called Tyson Holistics. Another sportsman who has gotten involved in the cannabis wellness industry is NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley. He is collaborating with Shango Premium Cannabis to supply all 50 U.S. States with his CBD-focused Neuro XPF product line.

Let’s not forget about Whoopi Goldberg, either. She teamed up with founder of Om Edibles, Maya Elisabeth, to develop a range of products for women under the name Whoopi & Maya. The products are designed to relieve women of the discomfort caused by menstrual cramps.

(Pictured) CEO and president of Alternative Hospitality Inc., Roger Bloss

The CEO and president of Alternative Hospitality Inc., Roger Bloss, has gone a step further by developing a portfolio of cannabis-inspired hotels for the health and wellness industries. No other hotelier has done what he is doing, indicating rapid evolution in the cannabis wellness market.

“The inspiration to launch a line of cannabis health and wellness hotels came about because one, I believe strongly in the benefits of CBD, hemp, and cannabis; and two, I’m pretty good at launching successful hotel companies and brands,” Bloss said. “But most importantly, it’s a chance to stay in the business I love and be an important part of the ground-breaking cannabis industry that is going to change the way we live.”

Bloss claims that his alternative hospitality projects are “not a smokehouse.” His hotels will provide travelers with a safe and comfortable environment in which they can relax. In addition to this place where guests can indulge in cannabis health and wellness products, all the while learning about the cannabis and hemp plant’s derivatives, such as the non-psychoactive cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD).

“Our hotels are for people who want to learn about the health and wellness benefits of hemp, CBD and cannabis. You’ll be able to talk to people of like minds and in a like environment where you can experience, experiment and educate yourself,” he said.

Cannabis wellness industry present consumers with health-enhancing lifestyle products

Arizona Medical Marijuana Act/Program | Western Regional ...Attracting the target market with cannabis health and wellness products is not exactly a difficult task. People are always on the search for dietary supplements, energy boosters, skin care products and plenty of other indulgences.

One such example is cannabis kombucha tea; a unique pot-infused spin on the original kombucha recipe. Interesting, considering the fact that both ingredients date back to ancient times.

Cannabis’ medical uses were initially discovered by emperor Shen Nung circa 2700BCE and kombucha – a fermented tea crammed with powerful enzymes and probiotics – has been brewed for centuries. Combining cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties with the healthy flora-promoting properties of kombucha is an appealing choice for wellness consumers who want to reap the rewards of both ingredients.

The niche market that cannabis wellness falls into also presents consumers with gluten-free refined sugar edibles, oils, capsules, supplements and topical solutions, such as balms and salves. Convenience aside, cannabis health and wellness products are also predominantly GMO and pesticide-free, adding to the overall appeal.