Minnesota adds two more qualifying conditions to medical cannabis program


Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

Minnesotans with PTSD and intractable pain disorder will gain access to medical cannabis next month.

The Minnesota Department of Health announced it would add them to the list of qualifying conditions, as well as more treatment options being brought to the market.

This announcement by the state arrives almost two years after the passage of Minnesota’s  medical cannabis legislation, which entitles medical cannabis patients to purchase oil-based derivatives and capsules, while access to the plant itself is still illegal. This new addendum will also bring topical medications, such as patches and lotions, to the current medical cannabis market.

The Minnesota Department of Health hopes to replicate their 300 percent growth rate seen in 2016, as more potential patients will have access to medical cannabis when the announcement takes effect in August.

Currently, the program is has 6,226 active patients. In 2016 alone, the program received $1.4 million in funding with $500,000 being requested after around-the-clock registry operating costs proved to be underestimated.

The slow growth in patient numbers prior to 2016, and the inability to sell cannabis in plant form has kept prices high in the state.