Feds visit Colorado to discuss cannabis regulations and black market


Five government representatives met with two-dozen state officials to discuss Colorado’s legal cannabis industry last Tuesday. 

State officials described the meeting as necessary for documenting Colorado’s experience in pioneering a legal cannabis industry through regulatory enforcement and protecting public health.  

It went for 2 and a half hours and was a response to Gov. Hickenlooper’s request for the federal government to visit Colorado. Officials got a first-hand look at statewide cannabis sales, current regulations, and confidential files. 

The closed-door discussions focused on the specifics of the state system, efforts to halt the black market, and education  aimed at adult use and youth prevention.

Colorado officials said this is an important first step to creating an open dialogue with the justice department and communicate a clear direction the state is going to follow. 

In reference to their April meeting, Gov. Hickenlooper said Colorado shouldn’t have to worry about Attorney General Sessions cracking down on legal cannabis.

Hickenlooper acknowledged the attorney general’s negative views toward the plant, but noted the attorney general’s positive attitude toward the experimental nature of democracy and understanding the voice of the voters.