Colorado State University invites students to enroll in a cannabis science degree program this fall

Gaining a degree in cannabis is actually a real thing nowadays, with the latest college to offer a “green” course sprouting out of Colorado. Students at Colorado State University’s Pueblo campus will have the opportunity to gain a Bachelors in Cannabis Biology and Chemistry; starting this fall.

A statement confirming that CSU’s cannabis course had gained approval from state officials was released by the Colorado Department of Higher Education on Friday, February 7. According to the Department, no other program of this nature has been introduced in the United States before.

“The new major is a proactive response to a rapidly changing national scene regarding the cannabis plant,” reads a proposal for CSU’s science degree program, which presents students with a chance to earn a minor in cannabis studies.  

The results of a Pueblo County Cannabis Impact Study – conducted by the Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) in 2017 – assisted CSU officials in determining whether or not to go ahead with the program.

What is CSU’s Institute of Cannabis Research?

CSU is already involved in the cannabis market, with the Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) having been established in June 2016. This joint collaboration between CSU Pueblo and Pueblo County is led by a team of devoted staff who regularly organize activities and conferences.

The Institute’s primary goals are to make a local, state, national and international impact by developing top-of-the-line programming and research infrastructure. In addition to this, the ICR strives to maximize research efforts through the advancement of equipment, laboratories and technology.

From April 4-6, the fourth annual ICR Conference is set to take place; featuring presentations, posters and panels that cover various segments of cannabis research. Keynote speakers Dr. Roger Pertwee and Dr. Marilyn A. Huestis will be present at the event. 

CSU’s cannabis course will include a mixture of classes

Cannabis was legalized for recreational purposes in Colorado on November 6, 2012; when voters passed Colorado Amendment 64. With a mature market that has raked in $1 billion in tax revenue since its inception, it’s not surprising that Coloradoans are being enticed by a prospective career in the lucrative industry. 

Opportunities in the industry range from extraction and cultivation specialists to laboratory testers and budtenders. CSU’s cannabis course will focus on the scientific aspect and it will run as part of the university’s Department of Chemistry. Thanks to its approval, enrollees will be able to choose between an analytical track on the subject of chemistry or a natural products track on the subject of biology. 

While the vast majority of coursework will be focused on biology and chemistry, the proposal states that students must also partake in mathematics and physics classes. 

Students interested in enrolling for CSU’s cannabis course can call the university on: +1 970-491-6444.