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Boulder’s cannabis data leader BDS Analytics scoops $3.5 million investment

Boulder’s cannabis data leader BDS Analytics scoops $3.5 million investment
The cannabis company investment for BDS Analytics was led by CanopyVentures - the latest investment arm of Canopy Boulder and Altitude Investment Management
June 3, 2018

One of the cannabis industry’s leaders in data repository has managed to bag a rather sizeable investment of $3.5 million. The Boulder-based company is BDS Analytics. With an investment of this magnitude,...

10 signs the cannabis industry is maturing at a rapid rate
By 2022, the global medical cannabis industry is predicted to pull in $33.41 billion
June 2, 2018

Slowly but surely, the world is embracing cannabis reform. Scientists are uncovering the plant’s medical benefits and legalization of cannabis is spreading like wildfire. Even politicians who once...

Jeff Sessions might make cannabis stock investors wealthy
Thanks to Sessions’ disapproval of the cannabis industry, investors were able to funnel money into low-cost stocks and sell them on for a considerably higher rate just a few weeks later
May 21, 2018

If there is one thing that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is best known for, it’s probably his opposition to cannabis legalization. Despite this, Sessions could potentially aid cannabis investors...

These pot stocks are predicted to soar if cannabis is legalized in Canada
March 6, 2018

Canada is emerging as a country that could potentially rival the United States if it legalizes cannabis. Back in 2017, Canada’s cannabis market was worth an estimated $316 million CAD - equivalent...

Two large Canadian cannabis companies acquired by US tobacco company Alliance One
February 13, 2018

Alliance One International Inc. has made history this week, after announcing its partnership with two major Canadian cannabis companies.  Secured through Alliance One’s complete indirect subsidiary,...

8 publicly-traded cannabis stocks predicted to rise in 2018
January 19, 2018

Oh, to be a budding entrepreneur with a fat wallet. Actually, this could be you if you are a wise cannabis stock investor, with the industry steadily becoming one of the most lucrative markets out there....

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