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Federal probe into Weedmaps is unresolved, federal investor document says
December 29, 2020

During the second week of December, an investor presentation was filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Based on the document – which was filed by Weedmaps’ parent company, WM Holding...

U.S. House chooses to expand medical cannabis research
December 15, 2020

On Wednesday, December 9, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a history-making bill that could essentially open the floodgates for scientific cannabis research opportunities.  Composed of many...

Adult-use cannabis sales in the U.S. could top $41 billion by 2025
December 14, 2020

A leading provider of cannabis industry business intelligence, data and analytics has just published a brand new report on the state of the U.S. adult use cannabis market.  New Frontier Data, which...

Cannabis retail applicants in Illinois sue over Gov. Pritzker’s license-awarding lottery
October 19, 2020

Illinois is encountering a number of legal battles pertaining to the weed-friendly state's attempts to demonstrate the benefits of its social equity plan and award 75 new cannabis retail licenses. Three...

Aurora Cannabis awards bonuses to execs after posting multibillion-dollar loss
October 14, 2020

Millions of dollars worth of bonuses and raises were recently awarded to the leading company executives at Aurora Cannabis. Based in Alberta, Aurora confirmed the news upon the disclosing of figures for...

Scientists ask DEA to reschedule cannabis

Scientists ask DEA to reschedule cannabis
October 8, 2020

A group of scientists and veterans are in court trying to get the DEA to reschedule cannabis. They’re arguing that it’s not accurate to say cannabis has “no currently accepted medical use” considering...

Cannabis reports suggest legalization could create up to a million new jobs in the U.S.
September 29, 2020

A recently published report from New Frontier Data – a pioneer in analytics, business intelligence and data for the worldwide cannabis industry – has pinned the value of a federally legal cannabis...

Gov. Lujan Grisham urges government to legalize cannabis in New Mexico as budget deficit resolution
September 28, 2020

In mid-September, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham requested that the federal government contribute more financial assistance to help New Mexico recover from a coronavirus-related revenue glut.  Something...

Wall Street is no longer screening job applicants for cannabis

Wall Street is no longer screening job applicants for cannabis
September 18, 2020

Newly-hired Wall Street employees no longer need to undergo cannabis drug testing, based on a recent report by Business Insider. The report, which saw reporters consult with officials at seven major banks...

Coronavirus is stimulating a wave of new job opportunities in the U.S. cannabis space

Coronavirus is stimulating a wave of new job opportunities in the U.S. cannabis space
September 15, 2020

In the midst of national economic downturn, the rise of cannabis couldn't have come at a better time. Despite the virus pandemic that has slowed much of the global economy down, medical and adult-use cannabis...

Adult-use cannabis sales in the U.S. are overshadowing medical cannabis sales
September 15, 2020

The number of medical cannabis markets in the United States may far outweigh recreational programs, but industry revenue updates suggest that adult-use sales will be 30 percent more than medical this year.   According...

U.S. states are pushing for broader cannabis laws to boost economy amid COVID-19 pandemic
September 10, 2020

A silver lining is emerging amid the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic - numerous cannabis-focused developments are transpiring across the United States.  Why? Economic downturn has plagued much of the...

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