Cannabis News Box

Weedmaps prepares to ban ads from unlicensed cannabis sellers
Cannabis legalization initiatives are making their way to the 2020 Florida ballot
DEA responds to lawsuit, pushing forward with medical cannabis research applications
American Bar Association and National Institute on Drug Abuse are encouraging medical cannabis research
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Colorado cannabis regulators demand mycotoxin testing for all concentrated products
San Jose is home to the first unionized pot shop in the South Bay
Sweeney wants to prioritize New Jersey’s legalization ballot issue for 2020 election
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Study demonstrates pain-relieving efficacy of THC-rich cannabis flowers
From football to weed: Former Detroit Lions players join forces with Harvard to study cannabis
Could CBD reverse the effects of aging?
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Arkansas rakes in $6 million in medical cannabis sales
British man self-treats with medical cannabis oil, stuns doctors when cancer disappears
Study shines a light on the science of cannabis and neurochemistry
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Health Canada vows to deal with backlog of medical cannabis research licenses
Barbados may join other Caribbean countries in legalizing medical cannabis
Luxembourg is gearing up to become the first European country to completely legalize cannabis
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