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Pittsburgh cops are still targeting minorities after decriminalization
Florida’s governor’s race is focusing on legalization
Former president of NYSE advises investors to steer clear of Tilray (for now, at least)
Former U.S. Attorney describes cannabis’ Schedule 1 classification as “absurd”
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Colorado cannabis cultivators want specific organic-like destinations for their crops
There’s still a few things to figure out about cannabis legalization in Canada
Individuals affected by the War on Drugs patiently wait for cannabis permits in San Francisco
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Cannabis company files FDA application to kick-start clinical trials on cannabis to treat Huntington’s
UCSD researchers will conduct study on cannabis to treat Essential Tremor (ET)
Cannabis study: Whole-plant cannabis is more powerful at treating epilepsy than CBD
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Louisiana regulators lift patient cap on the state’s medical cannabis program
Texas is changing its mind about cannabis
California Governor Jerry Brown vetoes bill which would have allowed parents to bring medical cannabis to school
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Canadians crossing U.S. border may be questioned about cannabis use
Cannabis retailers in Quebec prohibited from selling products displaying cannabis leaf
Canada weed stock may be growing too fast
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