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Illinois rakes in almost $11 million during the first week of legal cannabis sales
Study shows that students living in cannabis-friendly states binge drink less
Two new cannabinoids have been identified by Italian scientists
These 5 cannabis stocks will slash production in 2020
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Medical cannabis facilities in Detroit sue over recreational licenses
South Dakotans will vote on legalizing recreational cannabis
Travelers passing through Chicago’s airports can honestly bin their bud before boarding
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Is medical cannabis becoming a preferred ADHD treatment over Adderall?
North America’s legal cannabis market to inflate to $37.9 billion by 2024
Scientists say medicinal cannabis substitute could be useful in treating Parkinson’s disease
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Pro-cannabis Governor of Kansas says she must prioritize medical cannabis over recreational legalization
Alabama’s draft medical cannabis bill: What does it entail?
The competition is heating up as more than 130 apply to operate 14 of Utah’s medical cannabis ‘pharmacies’
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Thai people can now procure free cannabis in first full-time clinic
Medical cannabis production in Italy predicted to almost triple this year
More cannabis stores will open their doors in Ontario next year
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