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GW Pharmaceuticals gains approval from European Commission for EPIDYOLEX®
Judge invites nonresidents to participate in New Mexico’s medical cannabis program
House looks set to approve cannabis banking bill, Senate approval could be difficult
Kim Kardashian says she doesn’t need Xanax anymore, thanks to CBD
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Massachusetts regulators approve cannabis delivery services and social cafes
Tilray signs deal to purchase Canadian adult-use cannabis retailer
Fault with Illinois cannabis law could mean delays in reaping tax revenue
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Scientists explore the benefits of treating ADHD with cannabis
CBD as a post-workout recovery tool: What the research says
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Wisconsin lawmakers welcome medical cannabis bill
Colombia is metamorphosing into a prominent medical cannabis producer
Puerto Rico’s wholesale medical cannabis sales steered by edibles
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Jamaica releases regulations for medical cannabis exports
New Zealand is leaning towards recreational cannabis legalization for 2020
U.K. CBD supplement market is a contender for the entire British herbal supplement market
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