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Why California has a problem with the black market even after legalization
China is capitalizing on the rise of medical cannabis
Cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas given permission to open social consumption lounges
Mexico may soon decriminalize cannabis
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Denver lawmakers reject proposal to ease social-use cannabis business restrictions
Colorado’s second-largest dispensary chain objects to social cannabis-use bill
Illinois Governor introduces bill to legalize recreational cannabis, but opponents try to stop it
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Study smashes stoner stereotype by suggesting that cannabis encourages people to exercise
More cancer patients are treating chronic pain with cannabis rather than opioids
Treating borderline personality disorder with CBD: Is it an effective treatment?
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Arizona Court rejects immunity argument made by patients who consumed cannabis in their car
State Medical Board of Ohio recommends adding autism and anxiety to list of qualifying conditions for cannabis
First two licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in Arkansas sell 13 pounds of weed in first few days of legal sales
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Fresh report gives ‘realistic’ insight into European cannabis market
Mexico plans to legalize recreational cannabis this October
Black market weed in Canada is undercutting legal dried cannabis on price, Statistics Canada
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