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France will serve patients with free medical cannabis in 2021 experiment
MSO Green Thumb faces a trademark lawsuit
Cannabis retail applicants in Illinois sue over Gov. Pritzker’s license-awarding lottery
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Adult-use cannabis sales in Illinois hit another new record in September
Cannabis edibles maker Bhang settles potency lawsuit
More than 24,000 pounds of medical cannabis has flown off Arkansas’ shelves
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Study: Fatal COVID-19 complications could be prevented using THC
Study: More women are using cannabis to manage the symptoms of menopause
Study: Long-term cannabis consumption does not cause cognitive differences in older adults
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Officials are pleasantly surprised at the success of Utah’s medical cannabis program
Florida Supreme Court looking at state’s medical cannabis law
Medical cannabis patients in Texas now have access to cannabinoid-containing lozenges
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Australia approves record number of medical cannabis patients
Peru introduces new CBD product to its prescribable medical cannabis selection
Israel starved of cannabis export opportunities after import requirements are reinforced
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