Cannabis News Box

Heir to Wrigley Chewing Gum invests in the cannabis industry
North Dakota to vote on cannabis legalization
New cannabis breathalyzer could prevent drugged-driving
WSU study: Cannabis decriminalization does not increase youth consumption
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One in five cannabis samples are failing to meet California’s new cannabis testing requirements
New York Gov. Cuomo moves forward with legalization plans
Emergency license suspension issued by Washington cannabis regulators
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North America’s medical and recreational cannabis markets will soar, data suggests
College students are using cannabis to fight anxiety
Study: Crime clearance rates improved with cannabis legalization
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Illinois now allows parents to give children medical cannabis at school
Advocates are hopeful for cannabis reform in Texas
Tennessee GOP Governor candidate features Trump in campaign ad supporting medical cannabis legalization
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Canadian insurers are being prudent about offering medical cannabis coverage
Great Britain prepares to legalize cannabis for medicinal use
Canada’s legal cannabis industry is not without risk
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