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Alcohol association tells federal government to leave cannabis up to the states
New York State Department of Health will allow medical cannabis as substitute for opioids
County officials call for federal government to leave cannabis alone
Canada’s cannabis industry could encourage the U.S. to do better
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President Trump again states he may support bill to end federal cannabis ban
The most likely reasons why New Jersey is still waiting for cannabis to be legalized
Legalization will not be on the ballot in Arizona this year
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Using cannabis to treat spinal cord injuries: Studies show the plant’s efficacy as a treatment
Cannabis for cancer: How does cannabis oil work to treat cancer?
Israeli researchers say cannabis can be used to treat traumatic brain injury (TBI)
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Using cannabis to treat heroin addiction – is it possible?
CEO of GW Pharma talks about Epidiolex getting FDA approval
Could cannabis stop America’s health crisis?
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Lebanon could legalize billion-dollar cannabis industry to save poor economy
Cannabis war in Australia: Possession will be treated same as “other controlled drugs”
Which countries in the world have the strictest weed laws?
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