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NFL to invest $1 million into medical cannabis pain management research
Adult-use cannabis sales revenue has generated almost $8 billion in tax revenue
Amazon strives to stop drug testing job seekers for cannabis and supports legalization
Congress reintroduces federal cannabis legalization bill, Senate focuses on different measure
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Nevada officially begins inviting customers to enjoy cannabis consumption lounges
Leading New Mexico cannabis business funnels more than $20 million into market expansion
Virginia’s update on recreational cannabis legislation and recently-imposed medicinal cannabis protections
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DEA to permit additional research of cannabis, but obstacles remain
Enactment of adult-use cannabis legalization does not influence drugged driving behavior use
Federal report: Youth cannabis consumption remained steady after states enacted legalization
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New Jersey patients set to benefit from cheaper medical cannabis
Minnesota’s medical cannabis patients to benefit from cost-saving thanks to program expansion
Tennessee’s limited medical cannabis program set to expand thanks to Governor’s signature
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Public safety minister alerts cannabis consumers of contamination risk in B.C.’s black market cannabis
Veteran-focused medical cannabis reimbursements in Canada surpass CAD$100 million
Aurora Cannabis considers cutting staff numbers after enduring multi-million dollar loss
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