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Cannabis studies of 2018: Reviewing the most prominent findings
Cannabis stock surges 148 percent after WHO’s international drug treaty recommendations
Report reveals constant climb in U.S. cannabis consumer shopping
Congress is on the cusp of regulating cannabis like alcohol
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Recreational cannabis bill in New Mexico would impose 9 percent retail tax
Bill to legalize recreational cannabis in Hawaii is moving forward
Baltimore’s top prosecutor files petition to eliminate almost 4,000 cannabis convictions
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Cannabis Research Center launches at UC Berkeley
New study on cannabis and autism backs parents’ longtime claims
Study suggests nearly half of patients stop using Benzodiazepine after medical cannabis treatment
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New Mexico medical cannabis program accrued $106 million in 2018
Illinois will allow opioid users to use medical cannabis
Florida governor wants to eradicate vertical integration from licensed cannabis operators statewide
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Experts say Canada’s legal cannabis shortages may last years
Khiron enters Uruguay cannabis market with an acquisition valued at $13.7 million
Canadian government recalls another cannabis brand after detecting mold
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