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Cannabis industry supply chain stalls amid the latest Omicron outbreak
Texas AG candidates Lee Merritt and Beto O’Rourke reaffirm their desires to legalize weed
Pfizer is feeling lucky with its $6.7 billion cannabis acquisition
Experts warn cannabis retailers about the looming extinction of cashless ATMs
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Monthly sales dips did not hinder growth of Colorado’s cannabis market last year
L.A. County to dish out $30,000-per-day fines for illegally operating cannabis businesses
Cannabis MSO Ascend Wellness is at legal loggerheads with MedMen over terminated New York deal
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Study: Two cannabis-derived compounds successfully blocked cellular entry of COVID infection
Legal cannabis market predicted to grow at a CAGR of 26.5 percent between now and 2030
Study proves that cannabis plants do absorb carcinogenic heavy metals
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South Carolina’s new medical cannabis bill raises some eyebrows
Study: Autistic patients demonstrate improvement in behavior after consuming CBD-dominant extracts
Medical cannabis patients in Louisiana spend hours queuing to purchase newly legal smokable flower
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Southern Spain is seeing a rise in the number of illegal cannabis plantations
Are these European countries next to legalize cannabis?
Global cannabis market value will soar to $128.92 billion by 2028
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