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Clint Eastwood is suing CBD companies over false endorsements
Retail cannabis sales in the U.S. are beating mainstream markets
High Times delays cannabis stock offering, awaiting filing of audited financials
Northwest Territories in Canada are slashing prices to overshadow illicit market
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Nevada regulators slam cannabis company with $1.25 million fine, investigate three other businesses
Curaleaf closes its Grassroots deal to expand operations across 23 states
Michigan’s bulging adult-use cannabis market encounters supply issues and limited municipal opt-ins
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How does cannabis work as an appetite suppressant?
U.S. cannabis retail sales on-track to inflate 40 percent in 2020
Federal Commission encourages research into cannabis and psychedelics use among military Veterans
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New Mexico’s number one cannabis company initiates lawsuit against health department regarding newly-imposed rules
New reciprocity legislation enables out-of-staters to buy medical cannabis in New Mexico without patient card
Iowa Governor signs bill expanding THC allowance for medical cannabis patients
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Israel outruns Germany as the biggest global importer of medical cannabis-derived flower
Argentina prepares to permit home cannabis cultivation and pharmacy sales
Mexican authorities to finalize regulations for medical cannabis and vote on full legalization
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