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Biden’s vaccine mandate expected will apply to cannabis industry workers
Merrill Lynch is gearing up to accept more clients with cannabis-related assets
NIH-funded study suggests that youth cannabis consumption does not rise after legalization
Schumer’s cannabis reform bill may benefit some companies more than others, say experts
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State report shows that Arizona cannabis tax revenue surpassed $20 million in August
Nevada cannabis companies prepare consumption lounges to serve hordes of tourists
Illinois adds new lottery for previously rejected adult-use cannabis retail applicants
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Biden’s Drug Czar is pushing to simplify the process of psychedelic substance research
10 U.S. states with the highest number of cannabis consumers per capita
Study claims that 15 percent of workforce used cannabis while working from home amid the pandemic
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New low-THC Texas medical cannabis law opens the door for more qualifiers
North Carolina medical cannabis bill passes another committee vote
State court judge rules to increase medical cannabis purchase limits for New Mexicans
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Italy prepares to decriminalize recreational cannabis and home growing
Canada’s retail cannabis sales hit a new record of CAD$318.7M in June
Argentina’s president happily engages in debate about cannabis legalization
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