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Cannabis reform in the U.S. one step closer after Democratic House flip
New Mexico cannabis provider wins plant count lawsuit against NMDOH
Seniors are using weed to treat anxiety, arthritis and back pain
New York looks towards legalization
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The largest cannabis dispensary on the planet just launched in Las Vegas, and it features an entertainment complex
Wholesale cannabis prices fall 50 percent in Oregon and Washington
Will Trump legalize cannabis next year?
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Researchers are investigating cannabis’ potential for treating brain tumors
Southern Illinois University to introduce medical cannabis certificate program for industrial hemp research
Cannabis may relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, scientists say
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Cannabis dispensary CEO notices ‘huge transition’ from opioids to cannabis treatment
Veterans advocacy group is urging congress to permit VA research on medical weed
PepsiCo takes a leaf out of Coca-Cola’s book and explores the world of weed-infused beverages
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Report: Latin American cannabis market could be worth $13 billion by 2028
The end of cannabis prohibition in Mexico: Your questions answered
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