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Texas’ medical cannabis program could undergo some serious expansion this year
January 15, 2021

Texas' medical cannabis program – better known as the Compassionate Use Program – had 3,811 registered patients as of December. The state legalized the plant for medical purposes in 2015, but sales...

Legislation filed by Missouri Republican would lift dispensary license cap, legalize adult-use weed
January 15, 2021

An adult-use cannabis legalization measure that would amend the Missouri state constitution has been pre-filed by Rep. Shamed Dogan, R-Ballwin.  Not only would the measure enable adults aged 21 and...

New Mexico Court certifies inmates’ rights to access medical cannabis
January 12, 2021

A cannabis patient who fought for his rights to use doctor-recommended medical cannabis in New Mexico has won his case in court. Based on a report by the Santa Fe New Mexican, Second Judicial District...

Missouri judge dismisses case contesting cannabis cultivation license limits
December 31, 2020

Missouri's cannabis cultivation licensing regulations will not be changed, following a recent ruling by state Circuit Judge Patricia Joyce. In an order that extended over 37 pages, Joyce affirmed that...

New Mexico panel suggests increasing medical cannabis plant count limit
December 15, 2020

On Wednesday, December 10, an advisory board in New Mexico recommended that lawmakers increase the medical cannabis plant count limit for licensed producers. Following the meeting, which took place online,...

Maine medical cannabis sales climb to $222 million through October
December 15, 2020

Between the months of January and October, Maine’s medical cannabis market generated $221.8 million. This is according to recently published sales tax data, which suggests that cannabis is officially...

Ohio medical cannabis patients and caregivers are disappointed with high-priced medicine
December 14, 2020

The results of a new survey initiated by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program are in. Based on the findings, 58.4 percent of patients and caregivers enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program...

Medical cannabis sales in Arkansas top $187 million, expect to shift 30,000 pounds this month

Medical cannabis sales in Arkansas top $187 million, expect to shift 30,000 pounds this month
December 14, 2020

It might have gotten off to a slow start, but Arkansas’ medical cannabis market has noticeably inflated as of late. Since the state’s medical cannabis program officially launched in May of last year,...

UN’s approval of WHO recommendation will stimulate medical cannabis research opportunities
December 8, 2020

As we entered the month of December, the cannabis industry experienced a stroke of luck. Why? Because on December 2, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) voted to approve a World Health...

NMDOH wants to restrict medical cannabis reciprocity rules, patient purchase limits increased
November 30, 2020

Rules on medical cannabis reciprocity in New Mexico are being challenged by the Department of Health (DOH) . Two unique approaches will be tested out at a forthcoming hearing by the DOH that could potentially...

Two former NBA players collaborate to launch St. Louis cannabusiness
November 24, 2020

Larry Hughes, the man who played for eight different teams during his 14-year stint as a National Basketball Association (NBA) player, has teamed up with another fellow former NBA player to shoot hoops...

Harvest Health is awarded three medical cannabis licenses in the recently-recreational state of Arizona
November 15, 2020

Three vertical medical cannabis licenses in Arizona are about to be snapped up by Harvest Health & Recreation. Devine Hunter is on the other end of the settlement deal, which was announced on November...

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