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Tilray and Cronos report decline in per-gram weed prices

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

December 2, 2019

Two of Canada’s leading companies have reported a reduction in the per-gram price of cannabis in Canada’s legal market. Tilray, Inc. and Cronos Group released financial results for the third quarter on Tuesday, November 12.  Although both companies welcomed fair financial results, they each rep...

Canada’s illicit cannabis market has shrunk 21 percent since legalization

September 23, 2019

Fresh data from Statistics Canada has painted a pretty insightful picture of the positive repercussions associated with December's passing of the Cannabis Act.  Based on data released by analysts in Statistics Canada's second-quarter financial report, the North American country's black market is being...

Looming cannabis legalization brings jobs to Canada

b, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

June 16, 2018

Cannabis companies are preparing for Canada's legal cannabis market to go into effect, as they seek out employees to fill a broad scope of cannabis jobs. All kinds of job positions are being filled, from sales and marketing to cultivation. Alison McMahon operates Cannabis At Work and she says that the wor...

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