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Legal recreational cannabis sales in Maine expected soon

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

May 24, 2018

The Legislature has rescinded a veto by Gov. Paul LePage that could potentially speed up the process of legal recreational cannabis sales in Maine. As a result of the Legislature’s decision, Maine is on the right track to launching it's very own retail market for cannabis. LePage’s veto of cannab...

Employers in Maine can no longer refuse hiring employees who consume cannabis

Annureet Kaur

February 12, 2018

Maine now prohibits employers from refusing to hire anyone aged 21 or older for consumes cannabis during their off time. The state's Department of Labor has also removed cannabis from its list of substances employers can test their applicants for. On February 1, Maine became the first state to...

Maine proposes pushing back social cannabis sales until 2019

Maine proposes pushing back social cannabis sales until 2019

Sara Tiradossi

October 22, 2017

Maine’s Republican governor is proposing to delay cannabis sales until 2019, instead of passing a legislative re-write of the voter-approved cannabis law. Earlier last month, lawmakers said they would postpone legalization of social cannabis sales until February. According to House Minority leader...

Gov. Paul LePage