Trulieve accounted for more than half of Florida’s weekly medical cannabis revenue once again


Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

Florida’s weekly medical cannabis sales have been slumping as the weeks trail on by, according to Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) — the state’s official source for responsible cannabis consumption. In spite of this, for the week concluding on May 14, Trulieve managed to sell over half of the sold amount of cannabis in the Sunshine State’s still-thriving legal market.

According to the OMMU, approximately 217 pounds of THC sales were logged in Florida’s medical cannabis system for the aforementioned week; a reduction from the 231 pounds that had been accumulated in sales revenue the week prior.

Cannabis market consumers in Florida can obtain Trulieve’s products from 47 different storefronts spread across the state. From those storefronts, Trulieve sold 113 pounds of product for the week ending on May 14; slightly less than the 119 pounds that was recorded in transactions the week earlier.  

Florida’s weekly medical cannabis sales: Other major cannabis brands are dishing out the green stuff

Ranking second on the list of the highest-earning cannabis companies in Florida during early May is Surterra Wellness. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, this cannabis chain boasts 39 locations spread across the state of Florida; let alone the rest of the U.S. Based on the OMMU’s figures, Surterra managed to shift just over 26 pounds during the entire week ending on May 14. The week prior to this, 30 pounds was sold from its various retail locations statewide.

Curaleaf – which has 28 dispensaries in Florida – sold 18 pounds of cannabis flower for the week ending on May 14; 19 pounds was sold during the previous week. Nonetheless, MÜV was another dispensary chain that saw shelves stripped of their goods — sales grew to 20 pounds from the previous week, when sales were 17 pounds.  According to the OMMU, this jump in sales could be attributed to the recent opening of two new MÜV storefronts during the latter week of recorded sales revenue; the company serves customers from 22 dispensaries. 

Curaleaf’s market share surpassed MÜV – a producer/supplier of medicated weed in Florida – with 137 pounds sold. MÜV – despite attracting an increase in revenue – lost market share in flower sales at only 123 pounds. Operating slightly fewer dispensaries than MÜV is Upstart GrowHealthy, which operates from 16 storefronts. During the same timeframe of recorded revenue, 117 pounds of flower was sold to customers by GrowHealthy. 

Florida’s weekly medical cannabis sales: Flower sales are having a strong influence on revenue

In order to target a market of consumers who may be slightly more strapped for cash than others – the average consumer of medical cannabis in Florida spends approximately $500-$750 on a monthly basis – the rollout of more affordable weed has stimulated state revenue.

Although 2,196 pounds of flower was sold statewide for the week ending May 14 – demonstrating a slight increase from the recorded 2,162 pounds sold the previous week – budget cannabis products are being snapped up left, right and center. Often referred to as “smalls” or “minis”, these types of products sold inside Florida-based cannabis dispensaries vary; including $50 quarter-ounces of ground cannabis; $30 eighths of whole flower; $27 popcorn variants. 

Based on the revenue reports of what have been dubbed “popcorn” buds, Trulieve sold 1,142 pounds worth of the stuff, whereas Surterra shifted 236 pounds of “smalls” by the end of the week in mid-May.