GreenScreens teams up with Last Prisoner Project to tackle racial injustice cannabis-related arrests

GreenScreens teams up with Last Prisoner Project to tackle racial injustice cannabis-related arrests

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

Cannabis-related arrests and punishments have been a lingering problem across the United States, with culprits facing a one-year minimum jail sentence under federal law. In the midst of racial justice and police brutality protests, more attention is being drawn towards the harsh sentences, prison overpopulation and arrests pertaining to cannabis activities. 

One particular retailer program has encapsulated all of the previously mentioned talking points in its “Roll It Up For Justice” effort. What is “Roll It Up For Justice”, you ask? 

It is a joint excuse the pun effort between GreenScreens and the Last Prisoner Project. Together, the in-store digital point-of-sale platform for cannabis retailers and non-profit restorative justice organization are working hard to earn funds that will help reduce cannabis-related prison offenses.

According to NORML, the mandatory minimum fine for first-time cannabis possession is $1,000; escalating all the way up to $5,000. Selling the plant can land a black market dealer 10 years to life in prison with a $1,000,000 fine. Quite ridiculous for a plant that is emerging as a prospective COVID-19 treatment, right?

When customers checkout using the GreenScreens product suite at an affiliated dispensary, they will have the opportunity to donate a desired amount of money to the Last Prisoner Project; of which will be granted 10 percent of GreenScreens’ advertising space and be promoted to approximately 200 retailer customers nationwide.

“We’re proud to participate in this important effort to bring justice to and help rebuild the lives of those individuals who have struggled under cannabis criminalization,” said Shawn Cutter, CEO of GreenScreens, which will offer promotional support for the nationwide campaign. “While the team here at GreenScreens as well as our retail and brand partners in the industry are benefiting today from industry opportunities, so many individuals remain incarcerated for acts that are no longer considered illegal. We believe we have a responsibility as an industry to rectify this unfortunate reality.” 

Who is GreenScreens?

Established back in 2016, GreenScreens comprises a team of devoted and customer-centric experts motivated to metamorphose the retail experience through the use of digital screens. The company uses its comprehensive software to enhance the overall consumer experience and raise brand awareness in conjunction with sales and practical order fulfillment.

“We’ll be working to get the word out about this important opportunity and convince as many of our 200 retailers as possible to participate in this effort,” said Cutter. “It’s our belief that working together, cannabis industry leaders can alleviate the inequities created by cannabis legalization.

An overview of the Last Prisoner Project

The general public and the cannabis industry at large stand to benefit from the Last Prisoner Project, which intends on educating the industry and general public on social injustice and awaited release of 40,000+ prison inmates that are incarcerated for cannabis offenses. The group was formed by a team of cannabis industry leaders, criminal and social justice advocates, policy and education experts, as well as leaders in drug policy reform and social justice. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with GreenScreens to help cannabis consumers become involved in the important work we’re doing across the country,” said Mary Bailey, managing director at the Last Prisoner Project. “We know that retailers and customers understand the ongoing injustice of individuals serving jail time for essentially what is a routine visit to a dispensary today.”

Cannabis reform efforts were welcomed in 13 states as a result of the organization’s efforts, of which have been felt across 13 states. Training materials will be offered to store staff through the Last Prisoner Project, which also enlightens consumers by indulging them with specialist retailer material.