Study: More women are using cannabis to manage the symptoms of menopause


Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

Hashish, a potent product formed through the pressing of accumulated cannabis trichomes, is emerging as a preferred treatment option among women who suffer the symptoms of menopause. This is based on new research, titled, “Hashish use for menopause symptom administration amongst midlife girls veterans.”

The study on cannabis for menopause symptoms is expected to be presented at the 2020 Digital Annual Assembly hosted by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS). It was conducted as part of the Midlife Girls Veterans Well-being Survey.

A group of researchers with connections to the San Francisco VA Medical Center closely analyzed patterns of self-reported cannabis consumption among 232 female menopausal veterans.  All participating study subjects had a mean age of 56 years.

“Current or ever use of cannabis for menopause symptom management was reported by 27 percent of all participants, while an additional 10 percent expressed interest in future use. In contrast, only 19 percent reported traditional forms of menopause symptom management, including menopausal hormone therapy,” reported the researchers. 

Key takeaways from the study on cannabis for menopause symptoms

Among the 232 women all of whom were based in Northern California who partook in the study on cannabis for menopause symptoms, more than half (54 percent) reported experiencing nighttime sweats and hot flashes, whereas 27 percent reported experiencing insomnia and 69 percent suffered genitourinary signs.

Approximately 27 percent of participating females claimed that they had previously been using/were considering using hashish as a way of relieving the aforementioned menopause symptoms. In addition to those women, 10 percent were curious about using hashish to relieve menopause signs at some point in the future.

“These findings counsel that hashish use to handle menopause signs could also be comparatively frequent. Nonetheless, we have no idea whether or not hashish use is secure or efficient for menopause symptom administration or whether or not girls are discussing these selections with their healthcare providers, particularly within the VA the place hashish is taken into account as an unlawful substance below federal pointers. This data is necessary for healthcare suppliers, and extra analysis on this space is required,” said lead research writer Carolyn Gibson, PhD, MPH, who serves as a psychologist and well being researcher at San Francisco VA Well being Care System.

More analysis into the benefits of hashish for menopause symptoms is needed

Although the survey didn’t indicate the efficacy of using hashish for menopause symptoms, the figures tell us that more women are turning to plant-based treatment options. Meanwhile, just 19 percent of females reported using alternative hormone remedies to manage menopause symptoms. 

The level of hashish consumption among female veterans with menopause symptoms was not greatly influenced by age, race/ethnicity, psychological well being situations or socioeconomic standing, say the researchers.

“This research highlights a considerably alarming development and the necessity for extra analysis relative to the potential dangers and advantages of hashish use for the administration of bothersome menopause signs,” expressed the medical director of NAMS, Dr Stephanie Faubion.

Further research into hashish for menopause symptoms is needed. Nonetheless, this study is among the first to spotlight veterans’ use of cannabis for this natural hormone disturbance.