Uruguay just completed another cannabis flower export to Portugal


Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

A cannabis company in Uruguay called Fotmer Life Sciences has announced the success of its most recent flower shipment to Portugal. Marijuna Business Daily recently disclosed that Fotmer had completed two exports with an equal valuation close to $1.3 million.

Fotmer’s cannabis exports to the EU were sent on November 24 and November 25, respectively. Based on data pulled from Uruguayan customs records, the batch sent to the European country is believed to have contained high traces of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Surging demand for the plant is leading to higher rates of European imports from international supply chains.

GMP certification doesn’t appear to be a necessity for cannabis exports to the EU

Back in October, MJBiz Daily reporters confirmed that Fotmer’s previous cannabis shipment from Uruguay to Portugal wound up being distributed among Germany’s medical cannabis market. All Fotmer-cultivated flower was branded under the name of Canadian cannabis company Tilray, but not before being released on a per-batch basis at Tilray’s Portuguese operation.

While many foreign cannabis producers seek out opportunities to gain EU-Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, the news of Fotmer’s cannabis exports from Uruguay to Portugal indicate that the certification is not an absolute necessity for companies hoping to serve the market.

“GMP certification” is the umbrella term used to provide documented proof of various facets of the production process, including the premises on which the goods are made, staff safety/hygiene, material choices and equipment. The system by which a cannabis cultivator/producer obtains GMP certification is normally required as a means of proving that the finished product complies with quality standards.

Fotmer’s previous cannabis export to the EU was recorded in May

Prior to the November shipments of medical cannabis from Uruguay to Portugal, Uruguayan customs records also highlighted a May export. The May medical cannabis shipment weighed almost 1.5 metric tons (3,307 pounds) and contained high amounts of the psychotropic compound THC.

In addition to serving Portugal’s ever-growing market – which is positioned to become Europe’s top exporter  – a bulk shipment was previously exported to the cannabis research hub of the world, Israel, from Fotmer. However, cannabis exports to Israel began to ease off after the country bolstered its requirements.

As of December 2020, Uruguay has generated more cannabis export revenue than any other country in Latin America. Fotmer maintains its reputation as a pioneer in medical cannabis exportation for the continent. The company continues to generate positive press, business deals and investor interest due to the fact it exports from the world’s first legal cannabis country.

Based on the latest news of Fotmer’s Uruguayan shipments to Portugal, it’s likely that other importers around Europe will begin to follow in the company’s footsteps.