Sen. Charles Schumer pledges to push for cannabis legalization in New York

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

Cannabis connoisseurs in New York are getting excited about the fact that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer is continuing the push to legalize adult-use cannabis in New York.

A legalization measure is gaining some serious ground for its likely passing in the State’s capital of Albany. Schumer’s endorsing of statewide cannabis legalization indicates that federal cannabis policies may ease in the future.

A Tweet published on Schumer’s Twitter page reiterated his support for New York’s cannabis legalization measure. In the event that it gains momentum and is enacted into law, people would be allowed to cultivate cannabis from the comfort of their own home, as well as legally purchase cannabis products in state-licensed stores.

“As a deal comes close to getting done, I urge our leaders in Albany to keep front and center the effort to repair the harm done by cannabis prohibition,” Schumer said.

Local communities stand to benefit from New York’s cannabis legalization measure 

Communities that have been hit hard by formerly stringent drug laws will reap the rewards of New York’s cannabis legalization measure, what with the bill designed to distribute cannabis program-generated tax dollars among regions that have endured the brunt of harsh drug laws.

Each and every version of New York’s cannabis legalization bill put forward by state lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have indicated that social equity funding could be on the horizon. Such funding would enable communities to afford the cost(s) of job placement and after-school activities.

Schumer’s recent statement regarding his desires to legalize adult-use cannabis in New York has emerged amid the looming closing of an agreement between state lawmakers and Cuomo; the agreement is set to be confirmed ahead of the deadline for a more expansive state budget, which is due at the end of the month.

The move paves the way for a potential $4.2 billion industry

According to the details of New York’s cannabis legalization bill, all residents aged 21 and over will be able to purchase up to three ounces of cannabis. This works out at approximately 250 joints. In addition to this, New Yorkers could grow six plants each or one dozen per household.

Despite the fact that he has included cannabis legalization in his budget proposals over the last two years, Gov. Cuomo’s efforts were withdrawn for both years following squabbles between Democrats. Notwithstanding the disagreements that have surfaced over the years, the latest bill looks set to garner more support.

“I am glad that all sides are working hard to push this over the finish line,” said Schumer, who expressed his optimism amid the emergence of countrywide legalization efforts. “It will only add momentum to our vital efforts to reform [cannabis] laws at the federal level.”

Eventually, the Empire State intends on setting up an Office of Cannabis Management that will be required to fish out cultivation and retail licenses for the state’s prospective cannabis industry.

Furthermore, under New York’s cannabis legalization measure, permits must be obtained by storefront businesses and delivery services that want to grant customers the privilege of smoking or consuming edibles on-site.