LivWell is the first cannabis company to promote the plant on Colorado’s leading television network

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

LivWell Enlightened Health, a Colorado cannabis retailer, is helping the people of Colorado to further embrace cannabis reform. The company has launched a television advertising campaign that is currently streaming on Denver NBC affiliate KUSA.

Such a bold foray into the world of retail advertising indicates growing acceptance for mainstream media cannabis promotions.

Based on a report by the Denver Business Journal, LivWell’s cannabis commercial is the first of its kind in Colorado, where the green plant was legalized by voters on November 6, 2012.

“We’ve been interested in getting our brand awareness in traditional media since Day 1,” said the company CEO Michael Lord during an interview with reporters.

A number of spokespeople were offered paid gigs to partake in LivWell’s cannabis commercial. The retail ad highlights positive feedback from the store’s satisfied customers.

Despite its promotional nature, the cannabis TV ad does not mention the words “cannabis” or “marijuana,” nor does the commercial feature images of the company’s dispensaries or the cannabis products sold inside.

“LivWell Enlightened Health has the most educated and professional staff and helped me navigate through what could have been a very overwhelming process,” said one spokeswoman.

About LivWell

LivWell prides itself on being a vertically integrated cannabis retailer that focuses on a seed-to-sale strategy. Acknowledged as a pioneer in the recreational and medical cannabis segments, LivWell boasts a qualified and enthusiastic team of scientists and farmers, all of whom are responsible for growing more than 40 unique strains of weed.

Aside from the company’s ever-evolving range of cannabis strains, LivWell also stocks a broad spectrum of accessories and glass products. Store locations are scattered around Aurora, Colorado Springs, Denver, Federal Heights and Fort Collins, to name a few places.

LivWell’s cannabis commercial is targeted towards seniors

Although LivWell’s cannabis retail ad will surely appeal to a diverse age group, the commercial primarily focuses on grasping the attention of seniors aged 55 and above. The main aim of this advertising tactic is to expand LivWell’s consumer reach, as well as to build brand awareness.

The promotion has been designed in compliance with Colorado’s cannabis regulations; the number of broadcast viewers who are below the legal age to buy cannabis in Colorado will not exceed 28.4 percent.

A 2015 effort to promote cannabis on a Colorado ABC affiliate TV network was unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, the State of Colorado recently bid an emotional farewell to cannabis lobbyist Steve Fox. The late 53-year-old played an important role in Colorado’s recreational cannabis legalization movement and is recognized as the lead drafter of Amendment 64.