Disabled people in Colorado to financially benefit from the auctioning of cannabis-themed license plates


Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

Between April 1 and April 20, something special happened in the State of Colorado. It was on these dates cannabis-loving residents got the chance to bid on/buy a number of weed-themed license plates. 

The primary goal of the auctioning was to raise funds for a disability organization known as the Colorado Disability Funding Committee. Various types of vanity plates were available for bidding, including plates with the following words:

  • “BONG”
  • “GANJA” 
  • “GOTWAX” 
  • “HEMP”
  • “ISIT420”  

In addition to the aforementioned words, one of the auctioned cannabis-themed license plates in Colorado was printed with “TEGRIDY” — the name of a fictional cannabis farm featured on the well-known and extremely controversial animated television series, South Park.

“The Colorado Disability Funding Committee had the TEGRIDY to STASH away some great HERB related license plate configurations and is making them available to you,” reads a Facebook post about the auctioned cannabis-themed license plates in Colorado. “Don’t be GREEN with envy because your neighbor GOTWAX and HONEY, bid on a plate and support people with disabilities!”

The page promoting each license plate – which were priced at $420 onwards – features a disclaimer not to operate a motor vehicle while impaired and to consume cannabis in a responsible manner.

All proceeds of the auction will be funneled into the Colorado Disability Funding Committee, which is responsible for distributing grants to organizations that “have new and innovative ideas that benefit the disability community.”

Auctioned cannabis-themed license plates in Colorado: About the CDFC

Established by the Colorado Legislature with the aim of assisting disabled Coloradans, the CDFC focuses on providing support for organizations that help the disability community with fresh and newfangled ideas.

Auctioned or “Buy it Now” license plates are sold through the CDFC thanks to the committee maintaining statutory authority over such sales. With a legal cannabis market that raked in more than $2 billion in sales last year alone, it’s clear that the CDFC considered profit potential when it decided to start auctioning off cannabis-themed license plates.

It’s not just Coloradans who can bid and buy the license plates but also, residents from other U.S. states. However, winners of auctioned cannabis-themed license plates in Colorado who reside outside of the state will receive a novelty plate; lacking the security features that can be found on normal plates.

Colorado’s cannabis industry is constantly evolving 

Although Colorado became one of the first U.S. states to legalize the plant for adult-use purposes, the market is continuously progressing. Back in March, the state House passed a bill to boost the lawful possession limit for cannabis, before the governor signed legislation to establish a social equity fund for the ever-evolving cannabis industry.

The measure was signed by Gov. Jared Polis (D) upon his visit to a Denver-based dispensary. Moving forwards, a program will be established within the state Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

In 2020, Polis put his signature on a different bill that devises a statewide definition of cannabis social equity licensees — the main type of businesses likely to benefit from the bill that increases cannabis possession limits.

Thanks to cannabis tax revenue, the program will be bulked up with a $4 million infusion. The legislation was developed in collaboration with a coalition of minority-owned cannabis businesses known as Black Brown and Red Badged (BBRB).

Based on data released by the Colorado Department of Revenue, in excess of $10 billion of cannabis has been sold since the adult-use program kick-started back in 2014.