The Parent Co. broadens cannabis accessibility for consumers with debut on Apple platform

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

Vertically integrated cannabis company The Parent Co. is capitalizing on the fact that the Apple App Store has started embracing the world of weed.

Via its Caliva subsidiary, The Parent Co. intends on developing an application that will permit cannabis consumers to top up their stash with the touch of a few buttons.

The Caliva app can help cannabis consumers aged 21 or older to track orders with ease and converse with company consultants. It will also feature electronic payment options, pickup/delivery services and online chat bot systems.

What’s more, everyone who makes a purchase through The Parent Co.’s cannabis app can receive rewards from Caliva CLUB – the company’s integrated loyalty program

“This is a major milestone for both the legal cannabis industry and consumers alike,” said chief operating officer of The Parent Company, Dennis O’Malley.

Apple updated its App Store terms in June

Last month, licensed pharmacies and cannabis retailers in the U.S. where legal cannabis sales surpassed $17.5 billion in 2020 were informed by Apple that they could start offering consumers the opportunity to purchase weed via mobile applications.

Apple made changes to the App Store policies on June 7,  at which point users were informed about an array of policy changes regarding app downloads.

Included in the App Store changes were loosened restrictions surrounding in-app sales from licensed and legal pharmacies and cannabis dispensaries in locations where they are permitted. 

Thanks to this change, Apple is no longer resistant to apps that sell cannabis or cannabis-related products. However, it’s important to note that these types of apps should be geo-restricted to the corresponding jurisdictions in which cannabis is legal.

The Parent Company’s cannabis app is inspired by Eaze

Eaze, which already boasts over two million registered customers, recently gained approval from Apple to launch a full-service cannabis delivery app on the Apple App Store. Previously, Eaze offered sales via its website, but the new application is believed to be a more streamlined shopping alternative to a browser.

The acclaimed cannabis company’s app features order receipts, in addition to order tracking, on-demand delivery, payment handling and registration. ID verification is also integrated into the app, which limits sales to people aged  21 years or over.

“Eaze has always been about using the latest developments in technology to make shopping for legal cannabis more accessible,” said the CEO of Eaze, Rogelio Choy. “It’s hard to overstate how important this is to our company and the industry.”