Study suggests cannabis consumers are health-focused and successful, Snoop Dogg agrees

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

The negative stigma attached to cannabis is dissipating. This is according to newly published data, which suggests that cannabis consumers are motivated, successful and health-conscious. 

Dutchie, a four-year-old tech company that has a valuation of $1.7 billion, recently carried out a study of 5,000 adult cannabis consumers based in the United States and Canada. 

Based in Bend, Oregon, the cannabis tech company conducted their study in an attempt to paint a clearer picture of the modern cannabis user. 

One of the company’s investors and successful hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg responded to the findings of Dutchie’s study. 

“I smoke cannabis, advocate for it on a personal level, but I’m also an investor and entrepreneur. The opportunity in cannabis is clear, and this data highlights that consumers are highly educated, with more buying power than these stereotypes would have you believe,” said Snoop, who is also the co-founder of Casa Verde Capital — a venture capital firm that specializes in seed investments.

Study suggests that cannabis consumers are highly educated and fairly health-conscious

Who would have thought that people who choose to puff the herb are actually some of the most educated? Dutchie’s study suggests that 54 percent of cannabis consumers have a college degree or higher. 

Furthermore, the majority of cannabis consumers who responded to the survey are more likely to be employed than the average American. 

Dutchie CEO Ross Lipson says that some of the high-achieving job roles maintained by frequent cannabis users include teachers, Olympic athletes, lawyers, doctors, Olympic commentators and mothers. 

“It’s time to set the record straight once and for all. Negative stigmas around cannabis — not to mention overcriminalization — must be a thing of the past. People use cannabis to relax and as a crucial element of a health and wellness routine, and we should encourage people to share the benefits cannabis brings for them.”

Based on the survey results, most cannabis consumers are female; a large portion of women tend to rely on the green plant as an aid for menstrual pain relief, stress relief and sleep.

The report also indicates that the misconception regarding cannabis consumers being idle and unmotivated is unfounded.

Study authors noted that 58 percent of respondents reported being physically active and indulging in outdoor activities, such as hiking and sports.

An additional 57 percent of respondents described themselves as “health-conscious” and considered cannabis to be better for their health than alcohol or tobacco.


Among those who partook in this survey on cannabis consumption, 55 percent of respondents preferred to buy their weed from brick-and-mortar dispensaries. Conversely, 24 percent of respondents claimed that they’d rather shop online. 

“Consumers want to buy cannabis legally and conveniently,” explains Lipson. “At dutchie, we’re building best-in-class technology to empower our dispensary partners to make cannabis accessible to all while opening people’s minds to the good that cannabis can do.”

In summary, the survey hypothesizes that cannabis consumers are not the stereotypical “lazy” bunch that prohibitionists have long asserted. Rather, they appear to be a diverse, hardworking and intelligent group of people