Study: 60 percent of cannabis consumers claim that they would get stoned with a grandparent

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

On September 27, pioneer in the cannabis edibles market Azuca unveiled the findings of its “Americans and Cannabis Consumption Survey.” The survey explores consumer behavior and habits pertaining to cannabis use amid the nationwide rise of legalization.

Perhaps the most fascinating takeaway from this recent survey on cannabis consumption behaviors is that 60 percent of users would share a joint with their grandparents.

“The ‘Americans and Cannabis Consumption Survey’ confirmed what our team at Azuca has believed for years: edibles are the future of the cannabis industry,” said the President & CEO of Azuca, Kim Sanchez Rael. 

“The survey also reveals there is still a need to educate Americans about cannabis. While consumer demand is growing exponentially, now is the time to bring sophisticated and approachable products to market that people can trust.”

Key takeaways from survey on cannabis consumption behavior

More than half of the survey’s cannabis-consuming respondents are partial to gummies, baked goods and edibles, as opposed to methods of vaping and smoking.

What’s more, the survey on cannabis consumption behavior discovered that 53 percent of respondents have upped their intake of edibles amid the lingering coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Among edibles consumers, 54 percent wished that the effects would surface faster and 62 percent claimed that they prefer edibles that don’t taste like the potent green plant.  

Let’s take a look at some other key takeaways from the survey:

  • Cannabis Knowledge: Over two thirds (70 percent) of Americans recognize the difference between tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Moreover, almost one-half (45 percent) are aware of microdosing.
  • Cannabis Wellness: Approximately 58 percent of Americans believe that cannabis is the future of pain management. Among cannabis consumers, 64 percent report claim that they use the plant for relaxation purposes, as 40 percent say they use it for pain management, 43 percent for sleep assistance, 37 percent for health enhancement and 39 percent as a recreational tool.
  • Cannabis Consumption Behaviors: even though recreational cannabis has not been legalized in more than 18 US states, the survey findings indicate that around 50 percent of Americans have never consumed the plant. Among those who do admit to consuming the plant, 28 percent say that they consume it on this daily basis, 18 percent consumed on a weekly basis and 39 percent consume it just a few times annually.
  • Cannabis Use Preferences: More than half of cannabis users (52 percent) are in preference of cannabis gummies. What 39 percent say they would prefer to smoke the plant, whereas 30 percent enjoy to consume weed in the form of infused chocolate or some other kind of food.  Plus, 22 percent say they favor a vaporizer, 17 percent like to drink their weed and 13 percent prefer to use topical solutions.
  • Cannabis-focused Opinions: Using cannabis during work hours was deemed to be acceptable by almost one third of reported cannabis consumers. Additionally, more than half (60 percent) claim that they would still buy products at a dispensary, regardless of if the price was higher than the black market.

Survey methodology

In order to come to these conclusions, the team of researchers from Azuca assessed a national sample of 1,089 people utilizing the online Survey Monkey platform. 

Respondents had unique income levels and came from different U.S. geographic regions. According to the researchers, more than half of the respondents – all of whom were aged between 18-60+ – identified as cannabis users.

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