10 Christmas gift ideas for cannabis connoisseurs (and first-timers)


Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so why not deck the halls with buds of weed this Christmas? As more places around the world legalize cannabis, a growing number of people are considering the plant a staple feature of their festive season.  

Even if you’re not a seasoned consumer, there are plenty of ways to light someone else’s fire during the holidays! For example, why not indulge that special someone with one (or more) cannabis-inspired gifts?

Listed below are some highly recommended gift ideas that will surely put a smile on any cannabis connoisseur’s face this Christmastime:

  1. Ducking High

Everybody enjoys playing novelty card games during the yuletide celebrations, right? Ducking High is weed-inspired and after drawing just a few cards from the top of the deck, conversation is sure to hit a new level of interest.

2. The Apothecary Case  

There’s no better way to keep weed products fresh, secure and organized than by using this original and high-quality storage box. Features include humidity control packets, a removable rolling tray and four-strain tobacco system glass jar.

3. Maternal Rescue CBD Muscle Cream

It’s not just the people who get high that can benefit from cannabis-themed gifts, because cannabidiol (CBD) is non-psychoactive and delivers a wallop of benefits, too. Plus, this infused CBD cream is affordable, so you could sneak it into a few people’s stockings without breaking the bank.

4. “High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture”

Every coffee table would look great decorated with this glossary of modern-day weed. Showcasing new industry creators, designs and brands, this biannual print emphasizes the battle for legalization and features segments about the plant’s healing properties.

5. Christmas MISTLETOE & WEED Funny Ugly Sweater Socks


SavvySox, a brand that has been endorsed by many well-known hip-hop artists over the years, sure knows how to dress up people’s feet in time for Christmas. The company offers worldwide shipping for its mistletoe and weed-adorned tootsie warmers.

6. Allume x Soul Cards Green Dream Tarot Deck

If you have a friend who is in touch with his/her spiritual side, this cannabis-themed tarot deck will not disappoint. Perfect for exploring one’s psychic potential, the deck’s creation sprouted from a collaboration between cannabis lifestyle brand Allume and Soul Cards.

7. Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers King Size

The most expensive joint ever rolled is worth $24,000, but Shine is making it possible for everyone to smoke a 24K gold joint for less than $10 this Christmas!

8. Boys Smells Purple Kush Scented Candle

How many times have you heard a cannabis lover express his or her desires to transform their favorite strain’s scent into a candle? Well, this is it (for kush fanatics, that is.)

9. THC Pot Leaf T-Shirt

Encourage your friend or family member to advocate for medical cannabis by donning this cute t-shirt. It exhibits the word, “HEALTHCARE” with a green cannabis leaf positioned behind the “THC”.

10. Sackville & Co. Grounded Starter Kit

Finally, if you want to welcome a new consumer to the club, present him or her with this starter kit. It features a carry case, pack of blue grounded pre-rolled cones and a zip pouch.