Papa John’s will indulge select countries with hemp sticks

Papa John’s will indulge select countries with hemp sticks

Anyone who has sunk their teeth into a slice of Papa John’s Pizza knows that this company really means it when they say that it is “built on a foundation of quality.” 

Don’t get too excited at the prospect of getting “baked” while eating the company’s baked goods, however, because hemp is a non-psychotropic substance. 

Instead of being transported into a realm of psychoactivity, Papa John’s Pizza invites customers in certain countries to enjoy nutrient- and protein-rich shelled hemp seeds.

The groundbreaking move by the company which was announced via Twitter on February 7 indicates emerging interest for hemp-based foods in the mainstream restaurant market.

“Introducing our all-new and delicious Hemp Sticks, made with delicious cheese and our garlic pizza stick base, topped with Hemp Seeds. Have you tried this superfood yet? Launching today let us know what you think!” Papa John’s U.K. tweeted.

Papa John’s hemp sticks represent the company’s first product innovation of the year

The limited-edition Hemp Sticks will be rolled out in carefully chosen restaurant chains spread across the U.K. and Russia as part of a testing phase. 

Although Americans and Canadians won’t be able to order up a serving of Papa Johns’ hemp-based snacks just yet, a successful product launch will lead to the non-psychotropic edibles eventually being made available in more countries. 

The Hemp Sticks, which represent the company’s first major product innovation of the year, are made with the globally-recognized brand’s six-ingredient dough, which Papa John’s claims is fresh and never frozen.

The shelled hemp seed-sprinkled sticks being sold throughout U.K. restaurants will include mozzarella and garlic butter sauce, whereas the snacks sold in Russia contain a special cheese-free garlic sauce.

Shelled hemp seeds are considered to be a superfood

Rich in linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3), hemp seeds are vitamin-, nutrient- and protein-packed.

Although hemp seeds may contain trace amounts of the psychoactive compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it’s not enough to cause mind-altering effects.

There are many evidence-based health benefits of these superfoods, which are also naturally enriched with gamma-linolenic acid.

For example, regular consumption of hemp seeds could help to enhance skin health, prevent digestive issues and even reduce the risk of heart problems. This study claims that hemp seeds have been relied on as a food and medicine in China for at least 3,000 years.

Plus, hemp seeds contain more protein than chia seeds or flaxseeds, making them a suitable choice of snack for people who want to lose weight, people with metabolic issues and, of course, athletes.