Smokable medical cannabis is now available to purchase in Minnesota


Minnesota has legalized medical cannabis in its rawest form dried flower.

As of Tuesday, March 1, all registered medical cannabis patients in Minnesota have been legally able to apply for dried flower purchases.

Based on the details of an official news release published by the Minnesota Department of Health (DOH), enrolled patients have been able to make an appointment with a dispensary pharmacist since February 1.

Although people aged 21 and older who are a member of the state’s medical cannabis program can now buy dried flower, Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm insists that residents approach the rule change with caution.

“Patients need to weigh the risks of smoking medical cannabis, including those related to secondhand smoke and lung health, with any potential benefits,” said Malcom, adding that, “smokable cannabis may not be right for everyone; patients should have a conversation with their health care practitioner for guidance.”

Over 30,000 people in Minnesota are enrolled in a medical cannabis program 

Statistics published by the Minnesota DOH, the state’s medical cannabis program which was effectuated following the passing of a 2014 law has more than 30,000 active patients. 

A significant portion of Minnesota’s medical cannabis patients are expected to seek out retail-sold flower in dried form. According to director of the office of medical cannabis with the DOH, Chris Tholkes, flower is sure to help patients save money.

Currently, Minnesota’s medical cannabis market features a variety of different and more costly products, including topical solutions and medicinal-grade wax.

The number one complaint we have heard from patients over the years is that the price point really. It’s cheaper because it’s not concentrated like wax pens,” revealed Tholkes, who affirms that patients spend as much as $300 per month on medical cannabis in Minnesota. 

With natural bud now being offered, the price of cannabis-based medication would be much lower. Lower price tags will likely lure more people to apply for lab-tested medical cannabis across the state. 

Anyone who wishes to apply must first obtain a referral from a medical expert. Patients should also be able to prove that they have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition in order to receive medical cannabis in Minnesota. 

The list of qualifying conditions include:

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Inflammatory bowel disease 
  • Intractable pain
  • Seizures
  • Muscle spasms
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Terminal illness

Recreational cannabis in Minnesota is being contemplated

The news of dried flower being made available to medical cannabis patients in Minnesota emerges amid Governor Tim Walz’s plan to fund an adult-use cannabis legalization committee, which is tasked with evaluating the prospect of complete recreational cannabis legalization rolling out by 2024.

Gov. Walz’s proposal is being financially supported using funds that will be leftover from the looming budget discussions. Should the proposal remain alive throughout the course of legislative discussions, it could attract $25 million for the establishment of a Cannabis Management Office.

Once formed, the Office would focus on a framework for statewide adult-use cannabis legalization, in addition to helping people who are interested in getting involved in/capitalizing on the market. 

Until that happens, Minnesotans who rely on medical cannabis to relieve the symptoms of their conditions/ailments can enjoy consuming their weed in a new way. 

“I think it was political will, it’s a medical program, and I think that people don’t associate smoking cannabis as a medical form of the drug,” said Tholkes, as he noted that the update to Minnesota’s medical cannabis law was inevitable.