Bennabis Health initiates launch of membership program to lower New Jersey medical cannabis costs

A first-of-its-kind membership offered by  Bennabis Health seeks to mend loopholes in the health insurance industry for New Jersey’s medical cannabis patients.

The company, which is striving to make medicinal cannabis more affordable and accessible for those in-need, has joined forces with Harmony Dispensary to serve 1.7 million New Jerseyans.

Only people with qualifying conditions will gain access to Bennabis’ membership program benefits, such as medical cannabis education and partner dispensary product discounts.

Bennabis is overseen by a team of experienced cannabis industry organizations and health insurance experts based in the State of New Jersey.

Bennabis Health is a visionary company providing those who can benefit from medical cannabis with previously unavailable coverage,” said the Health President of Bennabis, Don Parisi. “The creation of our membership plan and partnership with Harmony Dispensary is the first step in our national rollout plan to increase access for patients across the country. Starting in our home state is key.”

Harmony Dispensary’s goal is to provide patients with the highest-grade medical cannabis in the most accessible way possible.

Bennabis Health medical cannabis patients can pay less for their medicine

Currently, people who are covered by health insurance programs can not receive coverage for medical cannabis in New Jersey. Because of this, the average annual household forks out between $1,200 and $6,000 on their medicine.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining those who choose to sign up for the Bennabis Health Membership program will benefit from 15 percent discounts at Network Dispensaries. 

In order to take advantage of these money-saving opportunities, members must simply use their personal mobile device to view a membership ID upon visiting Network Dispensaries.

“We have long been ahead of the curve when it comes to providing the best product at the most affordable prices, and continue to implement innovative structures to make sure we are financially accessible to as many patients as possible,” Harmony Dispensary CEO Shaya Brodchandel said. 

“Now we are proud to help lead the way on this groundbreaking and progressive effort, especially as it helps our most vulnerable patients, and look forward to welcoming Bennabis Health members into our dispensary where they will be treated respectfully and serviced in the manner they deserve,” she added. 

The Bennabis Health Membership program was developed with the goal of providing sign-ups with a broad spectrum of educational materials, including (but not limited to) educational material, Q&A sessions with industry professionals and webinars.

“This partnership with Bennabis Health lines up exactly with our belief which is to help give as many patients their health back as possible,” said Brodchandel.

From March 1, 2022, medicinal cannabis card holders in New Jersey can register for Bennabis Health’s program. The registration link can be found here.