Retail design is steering cannabis industry advancement


Cannabis is one of the most-talked about plants on the planet right now and, with the way things are going in terms of unlocking the natural substance’s superpowers, it’s unlikely that the conversation will fizzle out anytime soon.

As a plant that’s been legalized in 37 states and the District of Columbia, it’s not surprising that many mainstream industries are merging their services with cannabis. One such example is retail design.

In order to remain competitive and relevant in such a fast-paced industry the global market generated $37.4 billion in revenue last year it is essential for dispensaries to make their brick-and-mortar spaces stand out.

Why is cannabis retail design important for business owners?

Aside from increasing customer knowledge of your products through artistic and educational displays, cannabis retail design offers a way to boost brand awareness and sales revenue.

With the correct type of cannabis retail design services, e.g. built-in storage, rotating art galleries and educational TV presentations, you can also maximize your existing space and get more out of every square footage. 

Business owners who pay close thought to the design of their space can better engage with consumers and even tell a story perfect if you’re hoping to tug on the heart strings to tell your story!

Cannabis retail design projects are rising in popularity

In September of last year, retail-focused cannabis corporation High Tide Inc. unleashed the interior aesthetic for its “Cannabis Chop Club” outlets. 

Stretching over 1,000-1,200 square feet, the cannabis retail design projects varied in valuation from $125,000 to $150,000 thus indicating the sheer value of this industry.

Although the specific dispensary layout was not revealed by High Tide, retail design specialists usually opt for one of four blueprints when building interior spaces for cannabis clients: bank model, pharmacy model, mobile model or kiosk model.

Considerations and factors that influence dispensary layout 

If you are a cannabis business owner or a dispensary owner who is considering renovating or starting from scratch with a retail design project, you should first consider a few things.

Driving the new era of cannabis-focused retail design are a growing number of architects and designers who will be able to assist you with 3-dimensional design rendering services for both medical and recreational cannabis businesses.

In order to fully glean the benefits of these professional services, it is crucial that you take into account factors such as your brand vision, state requirements, the location, customer experience, inventory requirements and, of course, space for staff.