Netflix launched cannabis pop-up with custom strains to promote new show


In order to market its latest workplace comedy, Netflix took over a dispensary in West Hollywood and offered custom strains with names inspired by their TV shows.

Last weekend, the streaming service dedicated the pop-up marketing to its new cannabis-related TV show, “Disjointed.” The 10 strains were sold inside the dispensary under names like “Banana Stand Kush,” “Camp Firewood,” and “Rutherford B Haze,” which all referenced programs like Arrested Development, Wet Hot American Summer and the new show itself.

According to Netflix’s press release, each strain was cultivated with the programs in mind and designed to complement each title based on their tone. Comedic shows were indica dominant, while dramatic shows were sativa dominant to help powerful scenes resonate.

Indica strains are known for their physically relaxing effects, while sativa strains provide uplifting mental stimulation. 

The company did not profit off of the dispensary’s sales and claimed it was only for promotional purposes.