NFL Hall of Fame quarterback invests in cannabis news publication


Former 49ers quarterback and NFL Hall of Fame inductee Joe Montana  invested millions of dollars into a cannabis news company this week.

Montana and his Liquid 2 Ventures firm invested $4.1 million into Herb, a cannabis-related news company. Herb distributes cannabis news, entertainment and video content, which draws more than five million visitors a month.

“With the trend quickly leaning toward national or even global legalization, we think it will be imperative that there is a reliable source of educational content, which will ensure that cannabis consumers are well-informed about the benefits as well as the risks of using the plant,” Montana said in a statement.

Herb’s CEO and founder, Matt Gray, added to the statement and said the investment will usher in investors who see value in the cannabis industry having a platform to educate consumers.

Earlier in August, Montana invested in a start-up which would help greenhouses grow more plants with fewer workers.