100 Massachusetts municipalities ban social cannabis businesses before legalization


After voters legalized social cannabis in Massachusetts last November, 100 municipalities have already prevented social cannabis businesses from operating within their areas. 

The state’s social cannabis legislation created a two-tiered system, which required communities where a majority of voters supported the law to hold a referendum before social cannabis businesses can be banned. 

“Anyone who voted yes on Question 4 in November also voted yes to allow each community to hold its own vote to determine whether or not pot shops would be allowed to operate in their own communities,” said Geri Eddins, spokeswoman for MilfordCARES.

Matthew Schweich, director of state campaigns for the Marijuana Policy Project, said most towns will see their neighbors are not suffering any problems from having social cannabis businesses in their communities, and the bans will go away eventually.

The ban would not include medical cannabis businesses, but would prevent companies from expanding into the social cannabis industry. If a county passes the referendum, commercial cannabis businesses within county limits would be forced to relocate.