Medical cannabis is on track to be legalized in Peru


This week, Peru’s Congressional Committee on National Defense unanimously decided to propose a law which would make medical cannabis legal throughout the country.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski presented the legislation after citizens demanded justice for mothers raided by police who used cannabis oil to treat their children suffering from epilepsy.

“We feel that all the mothers of the group are very happy because it is a reward for so much struggle that we have been going through day by day,” said Ana Alvarez, founder of the pro-cannabis advocacy group, Seeking Hope. “It is about improving our children’s quality of life. We thank the authorities who have taken a step toward this.”

According to an IPSOS poll conducted earlier this year, 65 percent of Peru supports medical cannabis legalization, while only 13 percent back social use. If the law passes the final debate and vote, Peru would be the third country in Latin America to legalize medical cannabis.