Judge upholds Kentucky medical cannabis ban

Pictured: Judge Thomas Wingate

Pictured: Judge Thomas Wingate

A Kentucky judge ruled on Wednesday to uphold the state’s medical cannabis ban after three citizens sued the governor and attorney general in order to access it as a treatment.

The three plaintiffs argued it was unjust for the government to deny people a safe alternative to highly addictive opioids. Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate rejected the argument and said the state had good reason to regulate what is harmful to the public health and well-being.

“We respect the court’s decision, but we strongly disagree with it,” said Dan Canon, the plaintiffs’ attorney. “Our clients have said all along that they want the government to stop intruding into the relationship between them and their physicians.”

While Kentucky lawmakers recently embraced industrial hemp, they failed to acknowledge two past proposals which would let patients use medical cannabis as treatment. Hemp are the fibers of the cannabis plant used for making building materials, clothing, paper and fuel.

Canon said the group has a chance to appeal but they have not made the decision at this time.