ACLU files lawsuit against Georgia PD for false cannabis arrests

ACLU files lawsuit against Georgia PD for false cannabis arrests

The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against a Georgia police department and a police officer who arrested drivers under the suspicion of cannabis intoxication when no evidence was found.

The three plaintiffs were falsely arrested, forced to draw blood and sit in jail for hours on the suspicion they were driving under the influence. After test results came back, none of the plaintiffs were under the influence of cannabis and tested negative for any cannabinoid compounds in their system.

T.T. Carroll, the arresting police officer, is one of the department’s certified drug experts and stopped each plaintiff on separate occasions for failing to stay in their lane.

“Defendant Carroll did not perform the 12-Step DRE Protocol that was ostensibly created for the purpose of detecting whether someone has been driving under the influence of drugs,” the lawsuit said. “Instead he performed a watered-down version of the test and arrested each of the plaintiffs for driving under the influence of drugs.”

The ACLU said the officer was never reprimanded for failing to follow proper protocol or for making the arrests. The lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damage, along with attorney fees.