Poll: 65 percent of Canadians support privately-owned dispensaries


According to a new poll, 65 percent of Canadians would support dispensaries run by licensed growers.

The telephone interviews conducted by Oracle surveyed 5,000 individuals across the country to study Canadian consumer reactions to the medical cannabis market. Fifty-seven percent of respondents favored the government’s plan to end cannabis prohibition, but 65 percent of respondents said anybody with a license to grow cannabis should be allowed to open dispensaries.

The poll also said 26 percent of respondents, or 7.67 million Canadians, consume cannabis products regularly. 53 percent of respondents who smoked cannabis and those who do not have a positive view of cannabis.

Ontario and New Brunswick are the only two provinces to make announcements for cannabis sales. Both governments announced their plans in September to only allow government-run dispensaries to sell social cannabis by 2018.