Arizona opens first ever medical cannabis drive-thru

Arizona opens first ever medical cannabis drive-thru

A dispensary in Arizona just opened its first medical cannabis drive-thru about 30 miles outside of Phoenix.

All Greens Dispensary in Sun City will allow customers to pull into the drive-thru to purchase traditional cannabis, edibles, and vape cartridges. The dispensary first opened on May 2, but it introduced the drive-thru last Friday.

First-time customers will not be able to use the service because All Greens wants to build a relationship with them first. The dispensary will also facilitate access to the elderly and disabled customers.

“Some of them are coming in, have wheelchairs, have walkers, this is a lot more convenient atmosphere,” Anthony Harrington, CEO of All Greens, said.

The dispensary worked with the state for five months to open the drive-thru, Bret Idaspe, All Green’s sales manager, said. He said one of the challenges was making sure the customer that used the new service was the medical cannabis card holder.

Idaspe added the dispensary attracts an older crowd, one of the reasons he wanted to operate a drive-thru, helping those on walkers or wheelchairs.

Christopher Blount was the very first drive-thru customer, an army veteran who uses medical cannabis. He said the new service will assist with customer privacy.

“For me, this is history in a way since this is the first in the entire state,” Blount said. “For me personally, it gives people the ability to be private and not let everyone know that they have a card because they won’t want to be seen as someone who is a card holder.”