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San Francisco begins cannabis sales for social use

San Francisco Examiner--1/8/18

San Francisco Examiner--1/8/18

San Francisco Examiner--1/8/18

Annureet Kaur

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January 1 official started legal social use of cannabis in California. Although the City of San Francisco started legal social cannabis sales one week later, it has stepped up in full gear with six dispensaries selling cannabis to anyone over the age of 21.

The reason for the slow start may have been due to the multiple licenses dispensaries had to obtain before they were allowed to sell.

In order to sell legal cannabis for social use, dispensaries have to obtain a city license as well as a state license. After New Years day when most of California’s dispensaries in Oakland, Berkeley, and other cities were ready to sell cannabis for social use; dispensaries in San Fransisco were worrying about getting their state and city licenses in order.

After a few days of legal issues, six dispensaries were ready to sell cannabis for social use in San Francisco on Saturday. San Francisco cannabis users celebrated by spending their time and money on purchasing legal cannabis. People waited in lines for dispensaries to open as early as 4:20 a.m., yes, 4:20 to show their support.

Dominic Rea, 48, was the first person in line at the Apothecarium, a dispensary in the Castro. Rea told the SF Gate that he anticipated a wait so he arrived early, also the symbolism was too good to resist. He chose to buy his first legal joint in San Francisco as opposed to Oakland or Berkeley even though their sales started a few days before San Francisco’s.

The Apothecaries offered an interesting deal for its customers on their first day of legal sales Saturday. Everyone who brought their mom to the dispensary would receive a 20 percent discount.

Ryan Hudson, the co-founder of the dispensary, found a great way to attempt to remove the negative stigma attached to cannabis.

“That’s our way of saying that this is a safe and respectable place where you can feel proud to bring your mom,” Hudson said.

A great way to advocate for the cause all while you’re making a profit.




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San Francisco begins cannabis sales for social use