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Former NFL star Ricky Williams is throwing a BYOW Super Bowl party in honor of cannabis legalization in California

Sports Illustrated–01/09/18

Sports Illustrated–01/09/18

Sports Illustrated–01/09/18

Annureet Kaur

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If you’re lucky this year, you might get invited to former NFL athlete Ricky William’s extremely non-traditional BYOB-dubbed BYOW (Bring Your Own Weed) Super Bowl party on February 4th.

“Want to join me for my cannabis-friendly  party in the Hollywood Hills? Limited to only 50 spots,” Williams tweeted last week to his 23,000 followers.

Not many are surprised at the invitation from the former athlete, who was also once known as the ‘poster boy of cannabis use.’ Williams was a star athlete of the NFL who got suspended many times for cannabis use due to multiple failed drug tests.

Williams said he realized after smoking cannabis that his brain could be used for more than just a ‘helmeted battering ram.’ He claimed there was more to life than football.

Unfortunately after his career as an NFL athlete ended, football lovers and others used Williams as a way to further stigmatize the already stigmatized plant. Many claimed their favorite NFL athlete gave up football because he wanted to be a ‘pothead.’

After losing between $5 million to $10 million on salary endorsements, he thrived to change his financial situation and his image of a ‘retired pothead athlete.’

Williams has since become an active spokesperson and advocate for cannabis and its industry.

He continues to attend pro-cannabis events to show his open love and support for the plant. Last summer, Williams was speaker at the Pro Football Pro Cannabis event at the Southeastern Cannabis Conference and Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He’s also become an entrepreneur who hopes to make money in the lucrative cannabis business and has several ideas in mind.

“Williams is partnering with Jim McAlpine, the creator of the 420 Games, to cofound a cannabis-friendly gym in San Francisco called Power Plant Fitness and Wellness. Patrons at the gym will be able to smoke marijuana or ingest edibles, then work out, take yoga and meditation classes, undergo acupuncture, or get massages.”

“In addition to the gym, Williams wants to open a chain of sports-themed cannabis social clubs named 34’s, which is a nod to his jersey number when he played in the NFL. Williams’s other future plans include making marijuana infused nutritional supplements and healing products,” Sports Illustrated states.

Williams always finds a way to put cannabis and sports and fitness together, which is why not many are surprised he’s throwing a cannabis friendly Super Bowl party to celebrate both football and the legalization of cannabis in California.

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Former NFL star Ricky Williams is throwing a BYOW Super Bowl party in honor of cannabis legalization in California