Nebraska may be next to join the list of medically legal cannabis states


Annureet Kaur

This year, Nebraskans will have an opportunity to vote for medical cannabis on this year’s election ballot.

Sen. Anna Wishart of Lincoln introduced Legislative Resolution 293CA on Thursday. Wishart says Nebraskans that need cannabis to treat their pain and suffering shouldn’t be treated like criminals.

“Tens of thousands of Nebraskans are needlessly suffering because they don’t have access to medical cannabis, including veterans, children and the terminally ill,” Wishart told the Omaha World-Herald. “Nebraska leaders have failed to act and provide these Nebraskans and their doctors the freedom to make decisions for their patients, without fear.”

Wishart introduced another bill last year, Legislature 622, the Medical Cannabis act, but faced opposition from several officials including the Nebraska Attorney General’s office and the Nebraska State Patrol. The bill, however, wouldn’t have allowed Nebraskans to smoke the plant, but only use medical cannabis in the form of pills, oils, creams or through vaporizers.

Last year, the medical cannabis measure failed to be placed on the ballot after the bill lost to the opposition by only three votes. Opponents argued that the federal Food and Drug Administration should be making measure to legalize medical cannabis, not the Nebraska state legislature.

While the bill initially faced opposition from several state officials, Nebraskans can now vote for medical cannabis to be legalized in the state during this year’s election. So let’s wait and see if Legislative Resolution 293CA will be approved or not.