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Parents appeal to change laws on medical cannabis in New Mexico schools

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Parents appeal to change laws on medical cannabis in New Mexico schools

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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Parents in New Mexico are pushing for the right to treat their young with cannabis on school property. The devoted parents claim that their kids are being administered cannabis for the treatment of various medical conditions.

Despite this, THC  and CBD are listed as controlled substances under state and federal law. Because of this, children are not permitted to consume cannabis inside schools.

Children must receive medication outside of school grounds prescription won’t make a difference either, so it seems.

If children must be administered with a cannabis-based treatment during school hours, parents will be forced to remove their children from school property to do so.

In an attempt to modify the existing laws surrounding medical cannabis, parents like Tisha Brick are trying to change lawmaker’s minds by appealing to the state’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board.

“So that they might be able to help us perhaps change the law, so that our kids can get back into school and have the medicine they need without being discriminated upon,” said Brick.

Restrictions on medical cannabis in New Mexico schools are impacting student performance’s son, Anthony, has been diagnosed with ADHD, PTSD and undifferentiated schizophrenia.

After being prescribed medical cannabis as a treatment, Anthony swapped the hospital for the school grounds four years ago.

Once upon a time, he was just like any other student at Estancia Elementary School. Medical cannabis helped the young boy to function normally, socialize with other students and excel in class.

However, the last time he was present inside the classroom was November, following orders from the administration that in spite of his medical card, his medication was forbidden on-campus.

“He’s been out of school for the whole school year. It’s impacted our lives in ways you can’t even imagine,” Brick divulged.

“I want to create change statewide. I want all students to be able to school without being discriminated against,” said Brick, who hopes other parents dealing with similar struggles will also push for medical cannabis in New Mexico schools.

Brick is also hoping that state legislators in New Mexico will revise existing local laws.


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Parents appeal to change laws on medical cannabis in New Mexico schools