This supermarket is now selling help cigarettes

The line of locally cultivated hemp cigarettes sold at Lidl will not get you high

Bargain hunters in Switzerland could be getting more than they bargained for, if they shop at Lidl, that is. This German supermarket has recently introduced its very first hemp product – Artur Swiss Cannabis Flowers.

Tobacco smokers and stoners are taking a liking to the latest line of locally cultivated hemp cigarettes, which are being sold as an alternative to traditional rolling tobacco.

Lidl’s hemp products are affordable for consumer convenience

The 1.5-gram box of hemp cigarettes from The Botanicals is priced at 18 Swiss francs – the equivalent to USD $18. These small boxes are produced with hemp plants that have been cultivated in indoor environments.

A box weighing double the amount won’t cost you a great deal more, at 19.99 Swiss Francs. 

The flowers contained inside the 3g boxes of hemp cigarettes will be made from greenhouse-grown flowers, according to the Guardian.

Adults can legally buy cannabis products in Switzerland
Switzerland legally allows for the possession and sale of low-THC cannabis

People aged 18 and over are legally capable of purchasing cannabis products in Switzerland.

The only requirement is that the THC content must not exceed one percent.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive compound that makes users feel high or euphoric, so don’t expect to get baked after lighting up these hemp roll-ups from Swiss supplier, The Botanicals.

Instead, you can anticipate a feeling of relaxation. This pleasurable side effect is one of the reasons why each cigarette will cost twice the amount of a normal tobacco roll-up.

Lidl released a statement regarding the sale of these hemp products in Switzerland, highlighting the sustainable agriculture practices carried out by The Botanicals.

‘The manufacturer relies on sustainable agriculture and refrains entirely from adding chemical, synthetic or genetically modified substances,’ Lidl stated.

The German supermarket went on to say that these hemp cigarettes contain a higher proportion of CBD than they do THC.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound. It has been studied for its medical potency and, in places that have legalized medical cannabis, CBD is being prescribed by doctors for the treatment of widespread conditions, illnesses and diseases.

What are the differences between cannabis and hemp?

Cannabis and hemp are not the same, despite the confusion that surrounds this topic.

It seems that political leaders got confused when they grouped every single cannabis species as a Schedule 1 drug and banned hemp in 1970 under the Controlled Substances Act.

Here we are 45 years later and the two plants are no more distinguished from one another now as they were back then.

Hemp and cannabis serve entirely separate purposes.

Generally, cannabis is cultivated for social or medicinal purposes, whereas hemp is used for the creation of more than 25,000 applications, including skin products, health and dietary supplements, biofuel, clothing, and accessories.