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New Mexico dispensaries are helping fund a PTSD study

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New Mexico dispensaries are helping fund a PTSD study

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Thor Benson / Cannabis News Box Contributor

A group of New Mexico dispensaries has decided to donate around $2,000 to a study that’s looking at how cannabis can help treat PTSD and other serious ailments. It can be very difficult for researchers to gather enough money for cannabis studies, so this should be very helpful for them.

“Lew Seebinger of Seebinger Hemp actually approached me several months ago with this fundraising project in mind,” Dr. Jacob M. Vigil, who’s leading the study, told Cannabis News Box. “He did all the work nearly entirely on his own, from concept through obtaining sponsorship and operationalizing of the raffle that took place.”

Vigil said Ultra Health, a medical cannabis dispensary, was also crucial in raising the money. He said all of these efforts is helping New Mexico residents and people outside the state learn about the cannabis research being done at the University of New Mexico. The money will help many more people take part in the study.

“We at the [Medical Cannabis Research Fund] believe that it is both our duty and a blessing to be able to address one of the most pressing sets of patient-centered issues—the safety and effectiveness of self-medication behaviors—affecting our brave and often under-attended veterans… We will be able to expand our current study of the effectiveness of medical cannabis for treating New Mexican Veterans with combat-related PTSD by an additional 20 participants, allowing us to better assess the potential of medicinal cannabis to heal those who have given so much for our country and our freedom.”

Vigil said New Mexico residents are becoming more and more supportive of medical cannabis, and he thinks studies like his help people learn more about its benefits. He said they hope to “elucidate the true risks and benefits of using medical cannabis” for PTSD and other serious ailments.

“All over the nation people are becoming increasingly aware that cannabis can be used as a relatively safe and effective form of treatment,” Vigil said.

Support for legalizing social use cannabis is increasing in New Mexico, and some political candidates are grabbing onto the issue. Studies like this one will surely be useful for those who want to show the hard science behind how cannabis can be beneficial for those who need it and generally isn’t dangerous for those who simply enjoy it.

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New Mexico dispensaries are helping fund a PTSD study