Washington’s first drive-thru cannabis dispensary opens its doors on tribal territory

Washington State's Initiative 502 (I-502) decriminalizes recreational cannabis


Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

Buying legal weed in Washington is now as easy as visiting your favorite fast food joint, thanks to the recent launch of an Auburn cannabis dispensary.

Joint Rivers is the name of the drive-thru cannabis dispensary, where consumers are invited to peruse and/or purchase pot products and related merchandise.

Auburn cannabis dispensary sits on tribal land

Auburn’s first drive-thru cannabis dispensary has opened for business

The next time you are in the Auburn area, check out Joint Rivers. This cannabis dispensary is located on tribal land, inside Muckleshoot Casino and next to Muckleshoot Bingo.

Thanks to its unique position on tribal territory, the dispensary owners were able to run the business differently to other cannabis store owners.

“The way that we exist is the tribe actually applied for this through a compact with the Governor,” Jaggers explained. “The drive-through window and all of the tenets of our business were approved within that contract.”

The General Manager for Dynamic Harvest, Jennifer Aries, believes that the idea for a drive-thru cannabis dispensary in Auburn is fitting for consumers with busy schedules.


“I’ve seen liquor stores that have had drive-through windows. I think it makes it convenient for the consumer,” said Aries.

Hordes of people made their way to Auburn to attend the opening of Joint Rivers on, some of whom perused cannabis products inside and others that proceeded to test out the drive-thru service.

Why create a drive-thru cannabis dispensary?

The general manager of Joint Rivers, Audria Jaggers, says that the business provides people with the freedom to select what they want, without actually stepping inside a Washington cannabis dispensary. This low-profile approach to cannabis consumption could provide new consumers and patients with an opportunity to explore their options inconspicuously.

“Some cannabis consumers don’t share with everybody that they are, so this offers a whole other level of discretion,” said Jaggers. “They can literally make their order online, come to the drive-through without anybody ever knowing they were on the premises.”

Cannabis-containing samples were not permitted at dispensary opening

Workers at Joint Rivers prepare for the grand opening


The team at Joint Rivers were clever in their efforts to entice customers. Free samples were distributed amongst those who showed up to the drive-thru cannabis dispensary on Vendors’ Day.

“We’ve got some good swag out here. Seattle Pure Extract SKO, gave us some Skittles, Doctor and Crook Company gave us a T-shirt, a dab mat. I have probably 200 stickers in here,” said Angel Dunagan.

Nobody got high, however. State law prevented Joint Rivers from dishing out free samples containing cannabis.

Washington State’s Initiative 502 (I-502) decriminalizes recreational cannabis. It was voted into law in November 2012. The law permits the development of a licensed and regulated system of cannabis production and distribution.