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Tennessee GOP Governor candidate features Trump in campaign ad supporting medical cannabis legalization

I think medical should happen, right? Don’t we agree?," Trump says in the ad

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Tennessee GOP Governor candidate features Trump in campaign ad supporting medical cannabis legalization

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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Voters are being asked to help Tennessee’s Republican House speaker, Beth Harwell, progress to the role of governor.

The GOP Governor candidate claims she is the sole Republican gubernatorial candidate to back the legalization of doctor-prescribed medical cannabis. In an attempt to win over the general public, Harwell recently released a campaign ad demonstrating her support for medical cannabis legalization.

Prepare to see President Donald Trump’s face appear in the medical cannabis campaign ad, which features a clip of him expressing his support for granting seriously ill individuals access to medicinal-grade weed.

GOP governor candidate does not support smoking cannabis

https://bethharwell.comAs she was stood next to two doctors at a news conference, Harwell admitted that she supports the use of cannabis additives and oils. She does not, however, support smoking cannabis, nor does she support recreational cannabis legalization.

“I am the only Republican candidate for governor who supports legalizing doctor-prescribed medical cannabis,” Harwell says in the 30-second medical cannabis campaign ad.

“Many suffer. Veterans, children with seizures, cancer patients, our elderly. I just know if it were my loved one I would want this option,” she adds, before drawing attention to the President of the United States’ shifting views on medical cannabis legalization. “President Trump agrees,” declares Harwell.

After saying this, Trump can be seen at a 2015 campaign rally.

“I think medical should happen, right? Don’t we agree?” Trump states.

Harwell goes on to discuss how cannabis can be used as an alternative to opiate pain-relieving medications. She is a firm believer that opioids shouldn’t be the only solution to treat pain, what with her sister experiencing the benefits of cannabis after struggling with a back injury.

President Donald Trump wants to end federal cannabis prohibition

Trump (pictured) is seen promoting medical cannabis in the campaign ad

When Trump designated pot prohibitionist Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General earlier in the year, Sessions did his best to tarnish the cannabis industry.

He rescinded Obama-era guidance that would safeguard state-specific recreational cannabis laws from federal interference. However, his bark seems to be bigger than his bite and he hasn’t done much damage to the industry after all.

Sessions’ views on cannabis legalization are clearly a lot different to his boss’s. Not so long ago, Trump declared his support to end federal cannabis prohibition. On the 2016 campaign trail, he said that he is aware of the benefits medical cannabis has had on many people and so, he would respect state rights to establish their own cannabis laws.

The initial election will kick off on August 2 and the results could be interesting. Harwell seems to be lagging behind Congresswoman Diane Black and proud Republican Randy Boyd, both of whom are anti-cannabis.

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Tennessee GOP Governor candidate features Trump in campaign ad supporting medical cannabis legalization