Cannabis consumers in Florida run the risk of unemployment within the legal weed industry

Different rules may apply for job applicants living in states that have given recreational cannabis the green light


Company owners in Florida who are running their businesses amidst the rise of legal weed in the U.S. are turning down cannabis-consuming job applicants.

It’s not just weed lovers who are reportedly being rejected to work in Florida’s legal weed industry. Individuals who may have been charged with committing a cannabis-related crime in the past are also unfavored by employers.

Despite the fact that cannabis consumers have greatly contributed to the post-prohibition perspective that is gradually unfurling across America, not every employer deems this a good enough reason to hire them.

Only 10 percent of Florida’s cannabis market are employable

Cannabis consumers are encountering employment obstacles in Florida, even though the medical cannabis market is starting to kick off. The legal medical cannabis business in Florida is anticipated to pull in $456 million in sales revenue this year, based on projections from ArcView Market Research and BDS Analytics.

According to the research group, as many as 25,000 jobs will be created in Florida’s legal weed industry by 2022. Employers are rushing to fill various job roles within the legal weed industry, including growers, budtenders and customer service-related roles. Unfortunately, not all of the applicants will meet the legal requirements.

Currently, some 147,000 patients have enrolled in Florida’s medical cannabis program. This figure is growing, but with so many employers turning away highly qualified cannabis consumers and individuals whose criminal records have been tarnished with drug-related convictions, the Orlando Sentinel claims that a mere “10 percent” of applicants are actually employable.

Since Florida law prohibits cannabis industry employees from working in the medical cannabis market if they have been charged with drug-related crimes, individuals also run the risk of being blacklisted.

Recruitment firms offer advice for cannabis industry job applicants

All is not lost for cannabis consumers who want to work in Florida’s legal weed industry. HempStaff is just one example of a job recruitment firm that is attempting to help job applicants in securing the role of their dreams. The Miami-based employment firm has been finding suitable employees for cannabis industry jobs since 2014.

Applicants have been advised by the firm to “avoid bringing up any illegal activity regarding cannabis in an interview.” While the applicant might think that it’s a good idea to list their black market cannabis experience on their resume, this is not advised by HempStaff.

In a state where the stoner stereotype is fading, people seeking out employment in Florida’s legal weed industry may want to keep their 420 activities on the down low until the interview is over.