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Dissolvable cannabis: Could it be the next big thing in discreet dosing?

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Dissolvable cannabis: Could it be the next big thing in discreet dosing?

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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The global cannabis market is bulging, with Research and Markets predicting that the industry will grow at a CAGR of 21.11 percent by 2022. A large portion of market sales will come from the extracts market, which has just welcomed an innovative product to its segment of the legal weed industry – dissolvable cannabis.

Also referred to as powdered cannabis, this type of extract could potentially metamorphose the recreational and medicinal markets as we know them. Not to be confused with a powder called kief, which is the resinous trichomes of the cannabis plant that accumulate in a grinder, dissolvable cannabis is a water-soluble product that is presenting investors with just as many opportunities as consumers.  

What is the powdered cannabis concept?

Cannabis can be difficult to inhale in small doses if you choose a potent strain. The plant contains over 500 different chemicals. This is where powdered cannabis comes in. Scientists have discovered how to make cannabinoids soluble in water, a task that was once thought impossible to achieve.

The intricate process of making dissolvable cannabis involves a combination of THC and cyclodextrin: THC-cyclodextrin. Once combined, a powder is formed, which can be sprinkled onto food like salt or pepper, stirred into hot or cold drinks and baked into everyday recipes. THC-cyclodextrin dissolves in water just like a sugar, providing the consumer with discretion and convenience.

Powdered cannabis products reduce the risk of overconsumption

Accurate dosing is ensured when a consumer uses powdered cannabis. Many consumers are concerned about their medication not being the sufficient dosage. Conversely, some consumers struggle to choose a dose that induces full-body relaxation, without leaving them feeling too sedated.

In an attempt to solve problems associated with getting an accurate dosage of weed, cannabis brands like Xanthic Biopharma have been working hard to develop dissolvable cannabis products. The obstacle of “underdosing” or “overdosing” can be sidestepped thanks to powdered cannabis. Consumers can enjoy small, controlled doses of powdered cannabis and work their way up, until they find a specific dosage that works for them.

“Start low, go slow,” says Dr. Dustin Sulak says. Sulak is a national expert on medical cannabis and as per his recommendations, mood and mental clarity can be enhanced with just 1-5 mg of cannabinoids.

Brands offering powdered cannabis are encouraging industry investments like those offered by premium cannabinoid brand Xanthic Biopharma can tackle problems linked to traditional dosing. The company’s selection of powdered cannabis and energy drinks are attracting both investors and consumers.

“While the recreational community will clearly benefit from proper dosing methods, the medical community will also greatly benefit,” said the CEO of Xanthic Biopharma, Tim Moore.

“In states and countries where medical cannabis is legal, for years doctors have had to use guesswork to determine how much cannabis a patient should consume to address their symptoms, with trial and error often leading to unsatisfactory experiences,” he added.

Extracts are expected to drive the cannabis market for the foreseeable future. As biotech companies continue to create optimized delivery methods for cannabis users, the stock market will continue to attract major investor interest. Meanwhile, new and experienced consumers can dabble in cannabis without worrying about unwanted side effects.

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Dissolvable cannabis: Could it be the next big thing in discreet dosing?