Home delivery services and social lounges included in N.J.’s cannabis legalization plan

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Home delivery services and social lounges included in N.J.’s cannabis legalization plan

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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With the click of a button, cannabis connoisseurs living in New Jersey can order their green nuggets of goodness via a smartphone app.

That’s not all, however. New Jerseyans are being spoiled for choice, so it seems. Under the state’s cannabis legalization plan, consumers can attend BYOW smoking lounges.

You know what that means, right? Bring-your-own weed.

In addition to this, cannabis connoisseurs can book a room in a hotel and not worry about it being fully booked since hotel owners must allocate 20 percent of their guest rooms for potential smokers. It seems not, as per the orders of New Jersey’s cannabis legalization plan.

In addition to this, anyone who has been committed of possessing and selling small amounts of cannabis will be treated just as a normal person would.

What else is included in New Jersey’s cannabis legalization plan?

New Jersey’s cannabis proposal has progressed to the floor of the Legislature, following a recent committee hearing. This is good news because now, New Jersey’s cannabis legalization plan is finally visible weeks since the backroom discussions.

Cannabis advocates foresee New Jersey’s cannabis legalization plan transforming into an inspirational model for other U.S. states that have not yet enacted legal weed laws. Despite being described as overly ambitious by cannabis critics the all-inclusive approach to cannabis regulation could positively influence other states.

Vote on New Jersey cannabis laws could be finalized by December 17

Hopefully, New Jersey’s cannabis legalization plan will be successful when it is finalized on December 17. Well, this is the date that it is expected to be finalized if the 67,583-word treatise isn’t edited too much. Even sponsors of the state’s cannabis legalization plan are wary about whether or not the bill will require further tweaking once the state Senate and House reunite, with many believing the situation to be unrealistic.

“It’s not impossible, but more likely it would be January,” states Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D., Union), an important architect of the New Jersey cannabis bill.

Political analyst and pollster at Monmouth University, Patrick Murray, anticipates that the vote will be incredibly close and will likely not be decided so soon.

“With a large bill like this, with both cultural and economic impacts, you really have to bring together a very large coalition of disparate folks in order to pass something like this,” he said.

In the event that the measure is approved, New Jersey could make history as the 11th U.S. state to legalize cannabis.

“The Cannabis Regulatory and Expungement Aid Modernization Act” is the name of the cannabis legalization bill. Since June, the bill has been amended many times, with the racial term “marijuana” being struck from the record.

New Jersey cannabis bill addresses racial disparities associated with pot

Everyone will be invited inside the “consumption lounges” that residents will be free to smoke cannabis inside if the bill passes. This includes African Americans who may have been on the receiving end of a racially biased criminal charge in the past.

Also included in the amendments for the cannabis law is an option for pot-loving enthusiasts to decide whether or not they want legal weed consumption in their towns. Let’s not forget about the lawmakers either, who could claim control over an industry that has the potential to pull in billions of dollars. With a commission to regulate sales, lawmakers could seriously cash in.

Home deliveries would be permitted under cannabis law

Perhaps the best part of the unconfirmed cannabis law is that New Jerseyans could have their lab-tested bud delivered directly to their home for recreational or adult-use.

A“physical address” would be required for this and the entire operation would be overseen by licensed dispensaries or micro-business retailers. If the cannabis bill passes, it must not be delivered by drivers aged below 18. Moreover, customers on the receiving end of purchases must be able to prove that they are 21 or over in order to legally buy and consume weed.

Delivery drivers would not be permitted to driving vehicles that indicate they are transporting cannabis. For example, no stoner slogans and no green leaf logos. GPS tracking must be integrated into each delivery vehicle and the products stored inside the automobile’s storage bed.

The state’s 565 municipalities will retain power over what is permitted within their borders, should the bill be passed.

Driving under the influence would be prohibited and local governing bodies would prohibit D.U.I’s and black market deals. With this in mind, New Jersey’s cannabis legalization strategy sounds pretty ideal.