Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to host cannabis-themed music festival

Don’t expect to get your hands on weed at the event!

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Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to host cannabis-themed music festival

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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He rose to fame for his skills in the boxing ring, but now he’s ventured into the cannabis industry.

Mike Tyson, a 52-year-old former heavyweight champion, has announced his plans to host a cannabis-themed music festival on February 23, 2019. Set to take place on Tyson’s Ranch Resort in the Desert Hot Springs, the Kind Music Festival is one of Tyson’s many cannabis-focused business projects.

Last year, he launched a cannabis product company called Tyson Holistic Holdings (THH). Shortly after its inception, in August of 2018, THH announced the launch of its CopperGel® Ice With Pure Hemp Oil, one of many products on offer under the THH range.

Mike Tyson’s cannabis-themed music festival will feature mazes and obstacle courses

The forthcoming event hosted by Tyson will focus on the emergence of cannabis reform throughout California.

A celebration of legal weed, the “pop-up” will be open to all ages; a unique approach that will educate the general public about the state’s new cannabis regulations.

Spread across 420 acres of land, Tyson’s Ranch Resort will be the perfect setting for the Kind Music Festival. After all, it features a luxury “glamping” campsite and heaps of tantalizing food trucks, as well as a facility developed for cannabis research and design.

A paradise for lovers of the herb, the cannabis-themed music festival is guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s inner child. From navigating the obstacle courses and mazes to experiencing a mini adrenaline rush on the inflatable rides, there will be plenty to keep attendees occupied.

Afterward, attendees can head on over to the “Chillville” for some relaxation time on one of 100 specialty bean bags.

Expect to hear the festival line-up by January 2, but don’t expect to get your hands on weed at the event. The Kind Festival will purely showcase the plant and its widespread uses, both medicinal and recreational.

“[The festival will have] the distinction of being the first-ever all-ages music festival that embraces California’s updated cannabis regulations and offering alcoholic consumption to those 21+. However, in accordance with the 2019 laws, there will be no sales of cannabis products at the festival,” read an official press release.

According to organizers of the forthcoming cannabis-themed festival, no other event has ever embraced California’s refreshed cannabis laws quite as the Kind Festival will.

On the official website, the festival is said to boast the “distinction of being the first-ever, Los Angeles-area event in which a traditional music festival embraces California’s updated 2019 cannabis laws.”

Tickets for The Kind Festival are available now

Anyone who is interested in attending Tyson’s cannabis-themed music festival ought to get their hands on a ticket fast since this will guarantee the best price. Early bird tickets cost $55 per person and for each ticket sold, a dollar will be donated to Standing United. Alternatively, pay the standard ticket price of $85 or go VIP for $185.00.

The non-profit organization employs a team of volunteers and professionals who strive to help suffering individuals with social reintegration.

Find out more about the Kind Music Festival here.