Visiting Vegas? Don’t forget to see the world’s largest bong inside Cannabition

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Visiting Vegas? Don’t forget to see the world’s largest bong inside Cannabition

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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Cannabis connoisseurs who find themselves in Downtown Las Vegas should seriously consider checking out Cannabition.

Described on its official website as “the world’s first immersive cannabis art museum,” Cannabition transports guests through over 20 entertaining and educating art displays that “bring one-of-kind moments to life.”

Sin City’s interactive cannabis museum is not exactly brand new, what with its launch occurring in Las Vegas, Nevada back on September 20, 2018, 15 months after the state legalized weed for recreational purposes.

Over the past few months, visitors from all corners of the United States and beyond have been descending on Cannabition to take hits from a 24-foot, fully operational bong.

Aside from getting blazed using the world’s biggest bong, visitors can also get “high” and snuggle up against artificial buds. The purpose? According to the founder of Cannabition, J.J. Walker, the museum will help to lift the negative stigma that has enshrouded the plant for many years.

Image result for CANNABITIONNumerous rooms can be explored inside the world’s first interactive cannabis museum

Each room inside Cannabition tells a unique story about the therapeutic plant. Visitors will have the opportunity to visualize the process of cannabis cultivation and harvesting, before embarking on a Willy Wonka-style journey into a huge pool of green nuggets. You’ll find these gigantic nuggets inside the Ritual Room, (via a slide, of course.)

“Here, guests immerse themselves in the culture of cannabis, from the social smoke sesh to the biggest bong rip,” reads an excerpt from the website.

Designed to entice the social media generation, Cannabition promises to provide guests with an “Instagrammable experience” that merges multi-sensory technology with plenty of photo opportunities.

That’s right, multi-sensory. What this means is that as you walk through the dazzling array of dope exhibits, all of your senses will be piqued. See, smell, touch, hear and taste, all at the same time.

Here’s what Cannabition claims to offer it’s guests based on an excerpt from the official website:

  • Swing into the stratosphere on the PAX Life Tree
  • Change your perspective through a Raw Cones kaleidoscope joint
  • Ease back into reality with a lifesize CannAmericagummy
  • Take an elevator ride to the top of the World’s Largest Bong, Jerome Baker’s 24-foot “Bongzilla
  • Select cannabis products you can trust at one of the world’s only CBD stores where products are certified through Cannabition’s double-testing process sponsored, by DigiPath Labs.

You can find Cannabition in the epicenter of Downtown. Guests will only be granted entry if they can prove they are aged 21. Ticket prices start at $24.20.