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Report: Karachi is second-largest global consumer of cannabis

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Report: Karachi is second-largest global consumer of cannabis

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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Karachi, the capital of Sindh, a Pakistani provincem, has been ranked number two on the list of the 10 highest cannabis-consuming cities. The report was issued by World Index and titled ‘Weed Index-2018’.

Moreover, Karachi was ranked by Israel-based cannabis company Seedo as the second-largest consumer of the green plant. Seedo’s study compared rates in 120 cities.

Karachi is a financial and industrial hub

Pakistan’s most populous city, Karachi has also got a ranking as a beta world city. It is considered to be the premier industrial and financial center of Pakistan, as well as the country’s most cosmopolitan province.

Near the waters of the Arabian sea, Karachi is a popular transport hub. The Port of Karachi and Port Bin Qasim can be found in the world’s second-highest cannabis consuming city, where laws to legalize cannabis have not yet been passed.

Cannabis is illegal in Karachi, Pakistan

Image result for karachiTo date, cannabis has not been legalized anywhere in Pakistan, Karachi included. However, it ranks second on the list of the cities with high cannabis consumption rates.

New York takes the number one spot. Interesting, considering the fact that the “Big Apple” is not cannabis-friendly yet, either.

According to details of the report issued by the World Index, cannabis consumption in New York topped 77.44 metric tons within the last year. In addition to this, people in the city of Karachi consumed 41.95 tons of weed in 2018, racing ahead of Delhi’s 38.26 tons. Following these cities were Los Angeles, Cairo, Mumbai, London, Chicago, Moscow and Toronto, respectively.

The report on cities with the highest rates of cannabis consumption indicates that Karachi’s ranking has not changed when compared with results revealed for 2017.

Cannabis is usually produced and sold for the lowest price in most Asian countries, with the typical per-gram rate set at around 100-500 Indian rupees. That’s equivalent to $7 USD per gram, at the maximum.

Fawad Chaudhry slams PPP over Karachi’s cannabis consumption report after the World Index published its report on cities with high cannabis consumption rates, news had spread across social media.

In response to claims that Karachi was the second-highest cannabis-consuming city in the world for the second consecutive year running, Karachi’s Information and Broadcasting Minister, Fawad Chaudhry, took a stab at the PPP government in Sindh on social networking platform Twitter.

“And we thought PPP Govt is lagging behind in everything,” wrote Mr. Chaudry.

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Report: Karachi is second-largest global consumer of cannabis